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entitlment to unemployment benefits??

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NannyJo Tue 15-Feb-05 20:42:03

I used to be a nanny (hence the nick name!) but recentley left to have a baby of my own. In order to return to work i need to take my son with me, however this doesn't suit my current employer (she doesn't want me to bring my son which i can understand) does this technically mean she is making me redundant? Does that therefore mean i am entitled to unemployment benefits until i find job that suits my situation? Is there any one who could give me any well needed advice on this please?

JulieF Tue 15-Feb-05 23:51:13

No I am sorry, you are not being made redundant as far as the jobcentre are concerned you will be voluntarily leaving a job. The same rule applies to anyone not returning from maternity leave as it is up to you to organise childcare.

Sorry that is probably not what you want to hear.

hercules Wed 16-Feb-05 16:42:00

No, cant see it either. You need to arrange childcare so you are choosing not to return if you se what I mean.

gothicmama Wed 16-Feb-05 16:43:22

perhaps your employer could be nice adn say she is letting you go

Uwila Wed 16-Feb-05 17:20:38

But won't she have to pick up the tab if she does that? Can't see her doing that if that;s the case.

Have you looked for another job? I would think there would be a lot of work out there where you could bring the baby. I employ a nanny and wouldn't be opposed to having one who wanted to bring her own child. I guess some people mind, but I think there are plenty who don't.

Are you looking to live in or out?

NannyJo Wed 16-Feb-05 20:45:56

I have looked and there are very few jobs in my area let alone ones that will accept me with a baby, my employer has 'let me go' because the job i want to do doesn't fit any more. Therefore doesn't that make me redundant (or stuffed as i call it)

morningpaper Wed 16-Feb-05 20:48:08

NannyJo: Your requirements have changed, not your employers. If you make someone redundant, you cannot employ anyone in the same job for 6 months afterwards, otherwise you have to offer the job to the person you made redundant.

(I think that's right)

Tinker Wed 16-Feb-05 20:48:37

But the job still exists so not redundancy I think.

brambles Thu 17-Feb-05 08:12:11

can anyone tell me if i can claim the dole not sure whats its called now hubby is on a fair wage does it work on the indiviual or does it include your partner

Uwila Thu 17-Feb-05 08:12:26

But, most employees can't return to work with their child in tow. I personally think that a nanny can do this and still perform her job adequately. But, for example, I won't be able to return from maternity leave with my child. It wouldn't suit the job. So, I'm afraid, NannyJo it is your circumstances that have changed (now, I assume you are welcome to go back to work if you make other arrangement for your own child).

It's a tough position to be in, really. Where are you? I'm surprised you can't find a new job. Are you a live out or live in nanny?

Fran1 Thu 17-Feb-05 08:39:47

I rang all my local agenies (london) when i had dd to enquire about going on their books, but when i told them i would like to take dd to work with me, they got very snotty, and weren't interested.

Sorry not good news! But as someone else said, personally i would happily employ a nanny who brought her own child. So maybe advertising yourself privately would bring some luck? How about Nursery world?

Do you have a dh/dp? If you are single or your dh/dp is on a low income you may be entitled to a top up from income support. And don't forget about working tax credit, and child tax credit. I think one of you has to work at least 30 hrs a week to be entitled and not earn more than £50k if i'm remembering correctly, the inland revenue website has an online calculater to see what you'd be entitled to.

Good luck!

Uwila Thu 17-Feb-05 08:49:09

Or, maybe you could put an add in The Lady. You could try also putting yourself on Are you willing to relocate?

Oh, and of course you could advertise here on mumsnet.

JulieF Fri 18-Feb-05 00:35:09

Brambles, you can claim jobseekers allowance for a certain amount of time as long as you have paid enough national insurance contributions in the run up to you being unemployed.

If you havn't then income support does take into account your dh's income.

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