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Someone has cloned/got my debit card details and tried using them.....

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laurz75 Wed 13-Aug-08 22:28:45

I discovered yesterday that someone has got hold of my debit card details and has been trying to use it on-line. Luckily the bank picked up on it and refused to pay out. There was a weird deposit to my account and then a debit for the same amount.
I was freaked out but cancelled the card and tried to forget about it. Then the bank phoned today and asked me to come in for a review of my account. He also mentioned the name of the person trying to use the card. Now for the weird bit...the same person has requested me as a friend on Facebook!
I am really freaked - has anyone else had this sort of thing happen?

nervousal Thu 14-Aug-08 09:06:09

never heard of it happening - but could they be trying to amke "friends" to get more information from you? Let the bank know re the facebook thing - might be useful to them?

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