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Divorce - what is he entitled to?

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Jobean Tue 12-Aug-08 08:24:57

I am contemplating divorce, he has anger management issues and I am just not prepared to take any more of his outbursts which previously have been just verbal, are now becoming physical.

In his more colourful outbursts he says he is entitled to half the increase in value of the house since we bought it. However, I am the main earner earning approx 4 times more than him, his total wages barely cover the cost of half of the mortgage. Is he therefore entitled to half the house and will i have to buy him out to that extent to stay in the house, even though I have put more money into it.

We have two children and whilst his outbursts used to be saved for when they were in bed, he no longer seems to care who is present. There is no doubt he loves his children but i do not hink they should be withness to his anger, he flips at the slightest thing and we all are treading on eggshells around him. I do not want that life for my kids or myself but they must come first and I do not see any other way. he refuses to see he has a problem and so therefore I cannot see any other way of resolving the issue but to ask him to leave. My son is 5 - I hope it is not too late to show him that people do not have to behave like that and provide him with a loving happy environment.

Any advice would be greatly received.

Tortington Tue 12-Aug-08 08:27:04

i think its half each - but to be sure you should see a solicitor asap.

you can also ring shelter for definitive housing advice - its not just for homeless people

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