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Know a good divorce solicitor?

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bb99 Sun 10-Aug-08 14:45:46

As dh has just stormed out of the house with bags (and the fecking car seat), and phoned my parents to say he 'can't cope with me or the marriage anymore...'

And all because the lady wanted him to stop letting the kids mash food into all the carpets and flooring and furniture downstairs as it makes one heck of a mess, when he is allegedly supervising them and keeping an eye on them...yet somehow the 15 mo managed to get the pizza off the table and all over the house without any kind of supervision...

Oh and smashed a chair and threw the bin all over the kitchen whilst shouting verbal in my face on the way out, then had hysterics outside the house as he phoned my mum to tell her how delightful I was and it was all my fault...

Ho hum, nothing we haven't heard before, anyone know any good solicitors with huge balls who can help keep me safe from dh and his clan?

Slouchy Sun 10-Aug-08 14:57:48

Oh shit, bubble. Sorry to hear this. No advice but didn'tb want thread to go ignored.

Is it too early for wine while you calm down?

bb99 Sun 10-Aug-08 16:29:30

Thanks - too early for wine, but not whine!

Am just tired now.

BreeVanderCampLGJ Sun 10-Aug-08 16:35:49

Bubble ???

chipmonkey Sun 10-Aug-08 17:15:04

Oh Bubblesad Sorry to hear this.

slug Sun 10-Aug-08 22:12:51

So where do you live? I can recommend a sh**t hot lawyer in London, who, incidentally I just had round for a BBQ this evening with one of his former clients.

controlfreakyagain Sun 10-Aug-08 22:16:30

where are you?
law society will give you a list.... you need a specialist family law solicitor, not a high st jack / jill of all trades. someone who is member of "resolution" and member of children panel...

chipmonkey Sun 10-Aug-08 22:19:34

Sorry, think bb99 is not Bubble99.
But sorry anyway, bb99, that was horrible behaviour on the part of your h.

bb99 Tue 12-Aug-08 12:22:46

Thanks for advice.

DH has 'had a change of heart' and has come back despite the 'fact' that it's all my fault/problem... and finally agreed to go to marriage guidance counseling!

Good advice about the law stuff - will follow up on it, as am fed up with being left every time we have a disagreement and would like to know where I am with the legals etc! hmm

Ho hum, onwards and upwards.

My mother did tell me a few years ago that successful marriages are often the ones where the woman is able to compromise and keep her thoughts to herself (mouth shut I think is another term!) Only problem comes when the words stack up behind your teeth until they all spill out grin

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