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npower - crap customer service for fraud - any experience?

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ThingOne Fri 08-Aug-08 15:47:29

We have never signed up for npower - and I never would due to their shocking reputation of customer service - but are at the receiving end of fraud using our address.

We've had bailiffs threatening to cut us off. They've been more understanding and flexible than bloody npower.

Today I got a letter "deeming" me a customer and the only reason they have my name is from my repeated complaints.

I am so fucked off it is not true. After spending over an hour on the phone to various folk today I have discovered it could be up to 7 weeks before it is all sorted out. I have told them I have a medical condition which means I need hot water but there doesn't seem any chance of speeding things up.

Has anybody had any experience of getting them to act? I am no pussy cat and will do what it takes to get the to stop harassing me.

notcitrus Fri 08-Aug-08 17:34:51

Put everything in writing. Tell them you have no contract with them and have never had one, you owe them no money, and and future correspondence from them hassling you for money will be forwarded to the ombudsman, MP, etc.

Presumably someone else is supposed to be providing your gas and you can prove you've been paying them?

I had this a few years back and when I refused to pay anything until I saw a written contract with my signature on it, they backed down. Amusingly the company who should have been supplying my gas claimed they couldn't accept my money, so I ended up with a year's gas free!

ThingOne Fri 08-Aug-08 18:06:44

Ha! Thanks for that. I ended up talking to energywatch who said the weeks and weeks delay was normal, sadly.

I am honing my long-forgotten stroppy letter writing skills as we speak.

I have had a little lightbulb moment when I realised I may indeed get several months free.

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