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Bank charges

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MrsSnape Tue 05-Aug-08 22:00:47

today my mum was in a bit of a state.

Last week they received a letter saying that as there were insuffienct funds in their account, bills etc had caused them to go overdrawn and they were charged £35 for each one. Altogether they were charged £105 last week.

Then today they got a letter, worded differently saying that bills had tried to go out of their account but as they were "Unable to pay them" they had been charged for each one. Another £105 out of their account. £210 gone in a matter of days.

The strange thing about the last lot is that there was £104 in the bank so any bills should have been cleared with that money...she'd purposely left £100 in to cover them...she phoned halifax today and even they said over the phone that £104 was there in the account so why have they charged her as if there was no money to pay stuff?

She has an apointment to speak with them in Friday but I wondered if any of you would be any wiser in it?

kid Tue 05-Aug-08 22:09:12

Sounds strange as they confirmed the money was there. Make sure your mum takes the letters with her on Friday and if she can, get them to print out her balance or put in writing what they are going to do to put the money they charged her back in.

If they still charge her the fees, there is a section on that tells you how to reclaim bank charges. Loads of people have got their money successfully.

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