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Car insurance - shop around !!

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LIZS Sat 02-Aug-08 12:27:01

Got our Direct Line renewal and felt it was a bit high. Did a search on , found loads which seemed cheaper but not all were like for like. Eventually saved over £60 on the renewal quote via M and S (Norwich Union) . It would n't take my cc over www so phoned and it came down £15 by taking Norwich Union instead of AXA.

piratecat Sat 02-Aug-08 12:29:14

got my renewal notice and it had GONE UP by £40.

the was with Kiwk fit. shopped around, got same level of insurance with only £100 excess for wait for it------£150 cheaper.


oh i wnet with the Halifax btw.

notcitrus Sat 02-Aug-08 22:04:33

Tried yesterday. After having to switch on graphics and Javascript and risk vertigo-inducing flashing crap, I entered reams of data for MrNC and me and two other named drivers.

At which point the site crashed.

Will try comparethemarket and moneysupermarket next, as our renewal with Elephant is £650 - the car's only worth about £1000!

cornflakegirl Sat 02-Aug-08 22:55:30

Insurance policies work by selling you the first year as a loss-leader type thing, and then hoping that you don't switch at renewal, when the underwriter cost tends to go down, but the price you're charged won't.

(At the moment, even underwriter costs are going up, so where your insurer would try to hold your price fairly static, they might not be able to at the moment.)

So it's a good idea to always shop around and never automatically renew. Don't forget that none of the aggregator sites have all insurers on - and the insurers may offer different prices on different aggregators.

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