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Ideas as to how I can make money, quickly?

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MascaraOHara Fri 01-Aug-08 20:39:20

So far all I can think is listing stuff on eBay.. I'm diggin suff out now and will photo and list this evening..

..anybody got any other ideas?

Am desperado.

nancy75 Fri 01-Aug-08 20:45:33

boot sale for stuff thats not worth selling on ebay?

littlelapin Fri 01-Aug-08 20:49:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MascaraOHara Fri 01-Aug-08 20:59:56

Yes LL.. will go overdrawn.. just trying to desperatly keep it to a minimum.. looks like it's gonna be ~800o/d at the moment and I'll never get out of that..

There's some stuff I can reduce for next month so that I can start getting out of it again but I need to pay some stuff tht won't wait this month

Slashtrophe Fri 01-Aug-08 22:24:49

Are you in London? Doing focus groups for market research used to bring me in some money (cash!) for doing a couple of hours in an evening watching some ads/talking about a new product.

colette Fri 01-Aug-08 22:26:05

NCT sales ?

AvenaLife Fri 01-Aug-08 22:26:50

have you been for a benefits check to make sure you are getting all you are entitled to?

MascaraOHara Fri 01-Aug-08 22:37:36

I'm not entitled to any benefits.

Could look into a carboot but lots of prep and would struggle I think to have a stand and keep dd(6) entertained.

AvenaLife Fri 01-Aug-08 22:41:07

Could you put a card in the newsagents and do some ironing when dd is in bed?

GrinningGorilla Fri 01-Aug-08 22:43:08

Advertise in local shops to do ironing. You can charge at least £8 per hour.

nancy75 Fri 01-Aug-08 22:43:55

you dont have to prepare stuff for a car boot, just sling it in the car, get a pasting table form someone and dump it all on the table when you get there - they love a rummage! make dd look really really poor (in an oliver twist kind of way) you might get more money off people grin

GrinningGorilla Fri 01-Aug-08 22:44:04

Sorry Avena, by the time I finished typing you had got there. Great minds think alike eg?!!

CarGirl Fri 01-Aug-08 22:44:51

Our dds love helping us at the car boot and were okay about us selling their old stuff.

AvenaLife Fri 01-Aug-08 22:47:44

grin I've got just under 1K to magic from somewhere in 5 weeks. It will be hard. sad

chopchopbusybusy Fri 01-Aug-08 22:48:24

No real prep needed for car boot. Best not to price. You offer price - they accept or offer alternative - you don't like it - don't If you think you can get a better price on ebay, then save it. As long as you make your entrance fee you are in profit.

CarGirl Fri 01-Aug-08 22:50:42

it is amazing what you can sell at a car boot sale, make sure you go to one that is fairly busy - ie Sunday morning one, ask around get recommendations.

KerryMum Fri 01-Aug-08 22:51:28

there's always the old-fashioned way....

Quattrocento Fri 01-Aug-08 22:53:14

I agree with KM's suggestion of working. I do hope she wasn't referring to the oldest profession though ...

KerryMum Fri 01-Aug-08 23:03:32

who me?


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