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Childrens Savings Accounts

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PinkWebby Thu 10-Feb-05 13:03:42

I have just had the information and a cheque through the post for this new government initiative and they have also given me a list of banks / societies that I can put the money into.

Can anyone suggest where I should put it, I want to get the most back from my daughters savings. But havent a clue where to put it.


Snugs Thu 10-Feb-05 13:12:46

I swear by money saving expert for financial advice.

Martin Lewis is currently investigating options but in the meantime there is some basic info here

PinkWebby Thu 10-Feb-05 13:42:47

Thank you. I didnt realise I couldnt do anything with it until April.

But I will keep an eye on this site to see what he advises.

Snugs Thu 10-Feb-05 13:47:47

Sign up for the email - not only is the advice great but you get pointers towards some great freebies as well

PinkWebby Thu 10-Feb-05 13:59:22

Have done thanks

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