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Lost credit card payment

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mummynumnum Fri 01-Aug-08 08:17:33

Paid 300 to cover car hire deposit when arrive on holiday tomorrow on to dh credit card. The reference no had 1 digit missing and money is in a holding account at the bank and been told takes 4 days to transfer over to dh credit card. Screwed us up a bit as need a blocking deposit on dh card for rental. Hoping they will accept my credit card instead even though dh driving, but does it really take 4 days to transfer money from one of their own accounts to another. They would not even consider increasing limit temporarily.

MelT76 Fri 01-Aug-08 11:42:17

Any money you pay to a creidt card takes 3-5 to apply, stupid i know, so this could be right. Usually tho, as they know they money is there and will be applied they should allow you to use the card. I would call them back double check if they will let any transactions go thru.

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