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Gas prices

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LittleDorrit Wed 30-Jul-08 16:42:35

Did anyone see that BG has just announced a 35% increase in gas? I am just wondering what this will mean for the future. It is unlikely that gas prices will go down (there will be less and less oil and gas) so it will just keep going up. I live in a 2 bedroom flat, and in winter I already pay about £80 per month for gas in winter. I turn the heating down, but can't not have it on at all, as there is bad insulation and it gets quite cold. Because it's a flat, I can't do anything to improve insulation. For electricity I pay about £40 per month - I have no idea why, because I don't use many appliances (no dryer, etc).

beanieb Wed 30-Jul-08 16:44:47

Yeah - my OH works with British Gas and told me this morning We've decided to switch supplier and get a capeed rate. BG are doing one capped until 2011.

I too am paying £40 a month.

expatinscotland Wed 30-Jul-08 16:46:14

i just saw it.

we live in a rented house that is old and pretty cold. no wood fire, either.

i'm going to have to go back to work as soon as i can after having DS because we'll need to heat this place.

we can't switch suppliers, we're on LPG and only one supplier comes to this area.

i imagine they're all going to put the prices up.

DontNeedAnything Wed 30-Jul-08 16:49:17

Yes I expect them all to put prices up.

I think this is a bad time to switch though - as all suppliers will have to put prices up. I am going to wait until they have done that - otherwise I will probably chose a supplier that is cheap because theyhave yet to review prices and could end up more expensive....

LittleDorrit Wed 30-Jul-08 16:57:35

Agree with you DNA. In any case switching is not really a complete solution, because all suppliers are going up in price gradually.

beanieb Wed 30-Jul-08 17:21:51

Martin whatshis name on the money tips thing said 'switch switch switch' and do it through Quidco to a capped rate.

SorenLorensen Wed 30-Jul-08 17:29:04

Was listening to Radio 2 on the way back from holiday on Friday and Martin Lewis was telling everyone to cap immediately as EDF putting up prices meant that all the others would follow suit pretty soon. So when we got home I switched to ScottishPower from npower - it felt 'wrong' as it actually means we are paying more, but it's capped until 2009 (all the longer term caps had been withdrawn already). But it means we are now paying...I'll type it quick because it makes me feel sick...£1600 pa for gas and electricity.

It worries me what that might jump to when the capped period ends - Martin Lewis was saying more increases are in the offing (I think he predicted Christmas/January for another big rise).

beanieb Wed 30-Jul-08 17:31:00

omg - that's loads!

Seriously though if you are going to switch do it through Quidco and get cash back!

expatinscotland Wed 30-Jul-08 17:31:29

Us LPG people are fucked.

SorenLorensen Wed 30-Jul-08 17:32:26

I got cashback through one of the comparison sites MSE recommends - £30. I think.

Rhubarbstalkingarsehole Wed 30-Jul-08 17:34:07

Gas is terrible atm.

expatinscotland Wed 30-Jul-08 18:06:32

the advice is 'use less energy'.

um, okay, no hot water or heat.

i sometimes wonder why i gave up living out of a tent.

tiredemma Wed 30-Jul-08 18:09:50

Im so confused with energy prices, we just swapped suppliers and had a rebate of £777 for the gas and £247 for electric (we payed £103 per month in DD for the past 4 years)
If fuel is so 'expensive' how can they afford to 'sit on' that money and give it me back??

notcitrus Wed 30-Jul-08 18:50:50

They've been overcharging you in the past and keeping the money and earning interest, that's how!

I'm with EDF for leccy and NPower for gas, but looking into changing. Anyone know if dual fuel deals are still worth it?

tiredemma Wed 30-Jul-08 18:51:28


Kbear Wed 30-Jul-08 18:55:55

It'll be like the old days this winter, we'll be saying to our kids "put a jumper on" instead of turning the heating up a notch. No more sitting in t-shirts indoors and bare feet, oh no, slippers all round and big toasty dressing gowns.

Divvy Wed 30-Jul-08 18:59:51

hmm gas is not linked to oil, and shouldnt be affected by oil prices...but it is hmm

will the government step in?......NO hmm

expatinscotland Wed 30-Jul-08 19:01:42

'No more sitting in t-shirts indoors and bare feet, oh no, slippers all round and big toasty dressing gowns.'

You were able to do this in the UK?

I can't say we ever have.

You know, it wouldn't be so irksome, if all these companies weren't simultaneously boasting record profits.

A bit 'let them eat cake' for me.

Kbear Wed 30-Jul-08 19:03:37

I do this every year expat - I'm in SE, it's not that cold - central heating on and good insulation, house is warm all winter. Kids hate slippers, feet get too hot! not anymore!

expatinscotland Wed 30-Jul-08 19:05:22

Oh. We're in Scotland. Can't say I've ever known anyone up here to be able to run round barefoot and in tshirts all winter. I did see the hot bloke across the road in a tshirt one winter evening, in a Georgian flat, no less! Then I saw him lift a trowel and start plastering one of the walls.

Kbear Wed 30-Jul-08 19:08:28

Big difference in winter temps Expat, I'm a southern softy!! Weren't you raised in Texas or something? What a drastic difference in temp right there!!

expatinscotland Wed 30-Jul-08 19:11:34

I spent 8 years in Colorado before coming here, so it's not so bad.

None of those fucking blizzards, at least.

DisenchantedPlusBump Wed 30-Jul-08 19:14:21

Bloody hell, ever winter since Ive had my own house its been 'jumpers, slippers and dressing gowns' at winter.

Were gonna be f*cked this year Baby due too

expatinscotland Wed 30-Jul-08 19:20:10

same here, Dis.

we all have down slippers.

Kbear Wed 30-Jul-08 19:25:56

I think there is a gap in the market for all in one fleece jumpsuits with built in "feet" - to beat the gas price hikes!!

<<gets out sewing machine>> grin

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