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Can you be sacked for no reason with less than 1 years service?

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Ivegotaheadache Wed 30-Jul-08 15:17:29

Dh started a new job in December 2007, so he's been there for about 8 months.
He now thinks that he is going to be let go soon, judging bythe comments his boss is making to him.

At the interview he was entirely upfront about the fact that he had never done this exact type of work before but he had managed numerous projects which were similar.
His now boss didn't mind and said he'd be able to spend a few weeks with another manager so he could be shown how it was done in this company.

My dh wasn't shown a thing, he was dumped there and basically told to get with it and his boss was less than helpful. But he managed it well and is running the project well now.

Anyway, now his boss is saying that the job is over budget and he (dh) needs to pull it forward, and they'll see how it goes over the next few weeks.
There was a major f* up which cost a lot of money but it was this bosses mistake so in fact they aren't running much behind at all.

Dh thinks that they are cutting costs and want to replace him with another manager who will soon become free once his project has finished, because the other man is paid less than dh.

It's really not the best time to be out if work (for anyone) and we want to know if they can let him go, just like that.
Everything I've read suggests that because he's been there for less than a year they can do this.

But they are trying to say that dh isn't doing his job properly - even though they knew he hadn't done this EXACT work before and they agreed to give him help but has received none.

Also do they still have to follow the 'warnings' procedure if he's been there for less than a year, or can they just give him a weeks notice at any time?

Very grateful for any advice!

prettybird Wed 30-Jul-08 15:43:01

I think they can just "let him go": I was made redundant after 13 months in a job (at the time rights only kicked in after two years) and even though they replaced me with another marketing manager (on a lower salary hmm), there was nothing I could do about it.

As it happened, they did me a massive favour as I ended up in a better job, paying more, closer to home and working with nicer people! grin

I a sure someone like Fowerbenabag will be able to give more precise advice - epecially if there is anytihng your dh can do to pre-empt this.

BetsyBoop Wed 30-Jul-08 20:40:51

if he's been there less than a year there's not a lot (anything?) he can do.

In theory they should follow disiplinary processes etc, but in practice your DH can't claim unfair dismissal (as less than 12 months service) if they don't.

If I were your DH I would be job hunting, sorry, probably not what you wanted to hear

bythepowerofgreyskul Wed 30-Jul-08 20:42:39

I was sacked with 11 months service. I sought legal advice and there was nothing I could do about it.
That was 8 years ago (not that I am bitter about it or anything) so i am not sure if things have changed

Ivegotaheadache Thu 31-Jul-08 16:29:15

Thanks for the replies. I've checked and I there's nothing that can be done under a year.
It's awful really that this can happen, though I can understand I suppose why it's there. Doesn't help when it's happening to you though!

Dh went to see someone yesterday about work, and i'm sure something will come up so I'm not too worried at the moment. He has a trade behind him too, so if he couldn't get a job at the management level he's at now he can always do that.

But, for the moment at least, he's still in a job (that he hates) so that's something i suppose.

theangelshavethephonebox Thu 31-Jul-08 16:34:02

Yes, unless racial/sexual discrimination, I think.

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