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Can anyone recommend a solicitor in London for wills?

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TheBlonde Wed 30-Jul-08 15:13:05

I'm looking for someone who can also do US / expat wills

Coolmama Wed 30-Jul-08 20:31:32

Hello TheBlonde ^Coolmama waves from longlost Feb 05 thread^

When DH and I had our English(UK) wills done, I had to have a separate will drawn up to cover my non-UK assets. Am not sure if that is also the case with the US, but might be something to bear in mind. Any solicitor who does wills should be able to advise you on that.

TheBlonde Wed 30-Jul-08 22:22:50

Hi Coolmama, it's been a long time smile

TheBlonde Fri 01-Aug-08 16:23:50


TheBlonde Wed 03-Sep-08 15:08:40


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