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do you know if an english person need a work permit..

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sasa15 Wed 09-Feb-05 09:39:31

to work in Italy?
We'd like to move in ITaly...had enough of England (london) ....we'll be nice for the grow up in healthy environment..!!!

ks Wed 09-Feb-05 09:43:31

Message withdrawn

sasa15 Wed 09-Feb-05 10:16:48

Do you mean ...that I need to do something from freelance?

ks Wed 09-Feb-05 10:20:16

Message withdrawn

sasa15 Wed 09-Feb-05 10:28:18

anything...really as I'd like to move in south and there are not many jobs there....
hubby is english...I'm italian....
if doesn't work out we'll come back...we'll try for 6 months...a bit like tv program "no Going back"...

ks Wed 09-Feb-05 10:34:18

Message withdrawn

NameChangingMancMidlander Wed 09-Feb-05 10:36:43

PMSL, ks

sasa15 Wed 09-Feb-05 10:54:05

yeah, I came here years ago because of poor work situation down there....things haven't changed much...
teaching could be an idea...need to do exams to do qualify....first....
or just do private lessons at home...!

sasa15 Wed 09-Feb-05 10:55:26 be qualified....error

ks Wed 09-Feb-05 11:05:52

Message withdrawn

sasa15 Wed 09-Feb-05 12:04:19

yes. But they think is a bit risky as too much poverty....i mean unemployement....
is tefl course only 2 weeks?

ks Wed 09-Feb-05 12:07:01

Message withdrawn

sasa15 Wed 09-Feb-05 12:12:09

.ciao ks
I enjoyed before having a baby...
I don't find too healthy and quality of life too...

missing sea and of course tasty food...

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