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Anyone ever had their child benefit stopped ... for no apparant reason??

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DisenchantedPlusBump Fri 25-Jul-08 21:04:30

I usually get it half way through the month but no sign of it, so I rang them on Thursday and they said a payment was due but for some reason it wasn't sent.

It was with 'another department' and they will ring me back within 72 hours hmm

But that goes towards a large payment each month and if I don't get it before the 1st Im going to be in even more shite because i dont want to miss any of these payments

They said they see no reason why it would have stopped, i will have to talk to the person who calls.

cluelessnchaos Fri 25-Jul-08 23:59:49

Mine was stopped once because I had moved house, they somehow knew and had stopped it until I confirmed my knew address.

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