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Water board think I owe money on a house i sold 5 yrs ago..... HELP

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shrinkingsagpuss Fri 25-Jul-08 13:26:03

I've jsut had a letter through about an outstanding debt that was incurred by the people who bought my house in jan 2003.
the water board are saying that it is my responsibility as they claim I didn't inform them - its a phone line informing service, so I can't prove it either way.
I've moved house twice since then, and no longer have ANY documentation relating to the house sale, to be able to prove when I sold it.
the debt is £135. If I pay land registry £35 I can get the deeds to prove I didn't own it.
DH says, tell them to see you in court. I'm wondering if there is another way I can prove I didn't live there.

shrinkingsagpuss Fri 25-Jul-08 13:34:26

is it that boring a question?

crokky Fri 25-Jul-08 13:38:45

contact the regulator.

I had the same situation with the gas bill from our old house - couldn't make British Gas understand. Soon as got reg involved, sorted.

Land registry have records of house sales etc, could ring the. salternstively, net house prices, something ;ike that shows house sales, sorry for typing am feeding!

shrinkingsagpuss Fri 25-Jul-08 16:17:22

tried the regulator - they referred me to the consumer council for water. I've emailed them, as their phone line says unavailable, and inites you to leave a message.

Thanks though.. hopefully it will get me somewhere!

Fizzylemonade Sat 26-Jul-08 20:41:42

Could you not contact your solicitor who dealt with the sale for a copy of the completion letter?

shrinkingsagpuss Sun 27-Jul-08 07:09:25

yes..... when I remember who did the conveyancing!!

Im 99% sure I know but..... it was 5.5 years ago, 2 house moves and 2 children ago!

BetsyBoop Sun 27-Jul-08 10:56:38

don't know if it gives you what you need, but you can get a copy of the "title register" for only £3 online here

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