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Assimilation and Agenda For Change...

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EdieMcredie Fri 25-Jul-08 12:24:55

...Does anyone know anything about this?

A couple of years ago lots of collegues in my team got a pay out when they were assimilated (re-banded). One collegue got £1000. I still have nothing. I have e-mailed RCN but they didn't reply. Im a nurse BTW.

Anyone know anything about this at all? Cheers, I know it's a very boring subject!!

tigana Fri 25-Jul-08 20:00:21

You need to talk to your HR or payroll department. You shoudl have had all sorts of letters etc from employer.
Agenda for Change was supposed to make sure that people doing the same job got the same money, wherever they were based in the country ( apart from London weighting).

ceebee74 Fri 25-Jul-08 20:11:40

It would depend on a few things such as what your previous pay was and the difference between that and your new assimilated pay, when you were actually assimilated (i.e. someone who was assimilated on 1 Oct 06 would get 2 years worth of backpay whereas someone assimilated on 1 Dec 04 would only get 2 months worth iyswim).

Also, you should definitely have received a letter to outline what your old pay was and how your assimilation point has been calculated and therefore be able to work out the difference from that and if you are owed anything.

There is probably more to it than that but without knowing all the background, it is a bit hard to figure.

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