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redundancy and working tax credits

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queenofpuddings Thu 24-Jul-08 20:15:36

does anyone know how working tax credits are affected if the sole earner is made redundant?

it has happened yet and may not, just thinking ahead

sockmonkey Thu 24-Jul-08 20:34:17

I got made redundant a couple of weeks ago, and am the sole earner. When I signed on they contacted WTC and I got told that I would get a 4 week run on.
Unfortunately cos my WTC was quite substantial, they will not give me job seekers allowance until WTC payments have stopped.
If you are going to claim housing benefit, get on to them ASAP. Our rent is due in a week, and we have been told it will take 2-4 weeks to set everything up.

fiodyl Fri 25-Jul-08 09:31:57

WTC will continue for 4 weeks after the redundancy, which gives you a chance to find another job etc. HB also has a similar run on I think. Any redundancy pay you recieve will not afect the tax credit award if it is under £30,000.

But I would apply for JSA and inform HB as soon as you were made redundant so that the claim is procesed and ready to be paid if you havent been able to find another job after 4 weeks.

I was made redundant back in february, there does sem to be alot of it happening atm.

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