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Got parking fine due to dodgy garage! Where do I stand?

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ripley Tue 08-Feb-05 11:16:39

I can't believe what has just happened! Just opened my mail and there was a penalty notice which was apparrently served in January for parking in the other side of London. I have never been there but my car was in a garage at the time of the penalty and when I got it back the clock showed that it was 200miles over what it was when I brought it in. I've just rang them (the garage) and waiting for them to call back. What can I do?

Expectantmum Tue 08-Feb-05 11:41:50

Do you have any receipts to prove the car wasn't in your possession at the time. Did you not bring up the fact that you had extra mileage on your car at the time? Initially, I would respond to the fine that you intend to appeal, in order to give yourself time to sort things out with the garage. If you can prove your car was with them, then they should be willing to pay any fine that they are responsible, although thats for them to argument out with the Penalties Office. How naughty though?

It just shows that you never actually know what they are doing with your car and you trust them completely!

ripley Tue 08-Feb-05 11:55:15

Well, I've just given them a call and they were so apologetic. The woman I talked to said that she thinks she knows who it is and they are going to send me a cheque, so at least they are admitting responsibilty. I have been waiting for them to post the recipt for the work done, and I reminded her to send me that also. I mentioned the extra miles at the time, but to be honest, it was late and the kids were hungry so I just accepted his explanation (said that the car had to run for two hours becuase of new exhaust - I know nothing about cars! ). I am so furious about the whole thing though. My daughter found a button in the car after picking it up that definitely does not belong to anyone that I know.

Expectantmum Tue 08-Feb-05 11:58:47

Oh dear, well at least they have admitted it. Might be worth then getting a cheque off for the fine to stop it from increasing, and then get the money off them.

I too know nothing about cars, but if the car doesn't move (even with the engine running) then it still wouldn't clock up the mileage! He must think women are completely stupid! And how do they explain the fine being the other side of London??

Am glad it seems to have sorted itself out, but don't let it go if you don't receive the money off them.

RTKangaMummy Tue 08-Feb-05 12:05:49

where was the button?

I would be very angry about the 200 miles

That does not sound right IMHO

ask hub2bee he knows about cars?

How long did they have the car?

I understand what you mean about just wanting to get home

Didd they tell you beforehand about 200 mile round trip?

oops Tue 08-Feb-05 12:12:34

Message withdrawn

COD Tue 08-Feb-05 12:13:33

Message withdrawn

ripley Tue 08-Feb-05 12:32:17

Just talked to her again to give her more details. I am willing to let it drop if they pay me promptly but if they don't then I want to go further. The button was under the car seat. The tank was half full (£15 worth) when I left it in and almost empty when I picked it up. the problem is, I didn't actually write down the mileage beforehand, I just took a mental note. Would trading standards be interested in something like this? I'm just trying to work out what might scare them or name and shame them.

RTKangaMummy Tue 08-Feb-05 12:40:38

what make of car is it?

and which model?

Phone another garage in different part of country to ask what happens when new exhaust is fitted.

I am so angry for you

ask hub2dee or jazzybee they know loads about cars

sparklymieow Tue 08-Feb-05 12:43:46

My Dh had a new exhaust and back box fitted recently and he sat there while it was being done, and he certainly wasn't there for over two hours. Not sure if they are suppose to run the car for that long, but I think it sounds suss

Snugs Tue 08-Feb-05 12:45:34

Pretty sure they do recommend 'running in' a new exhaust, but 2 hours sounds excessive. And unless the car was on a rolling-road (which is doubtful) it wouldn't effect the mileage.

bundle Tue 08-Feb-05 12:46:41

ring Watchdog. or You and Yours. they might be interested in this kind of behaviour.

RTKangaMummy Tue 08-Feb-05 12:49:25

Write down the names of all the people you have spoken to and what was said so that you can remember

at a later date

crunchie Tue 08-Feb-05 12:54:31

At least the garage have admited responsibility and the woman seems to know who did it. That means they must have had trouble before and perhaps that person has gone?

ripley Tue 08-Feb-05 13:04:45

It's an r reg Honda Civic. If I went into what I have had to deal with in the past you would be horrified. I bought it in July last year from the same garage. I had an AA check done that said it need new discs and brakes, new gaiters (fatigued) and a new exhaust they said allthree things would be done so I bought the car after they they had said that everything was done. Was too tight at the time to get a second AA check so trusted what they said. I noticed that there was something up with the exhaust (smoke) so I took it into a different garage for them to look at in the new year. And wouldn't you know, they came up with exactly the same problems that the AA check came up with. I went completely bonkers with the garage I bought it from, and that was when I left it in with them to have the work done. I know that the work has been done now at least because I checked with another garage, but as you cna see I am getting angrier by the minute becuase of the whole thing. Of course I knew logically about the mileage but I was so fed up about the whole thing and happy that my car was right again that I let it drop.

What are 'You an Yours'? I've not heard of that before.

bundle Tue 08-Feb-05 13:08:47

ripley, You & Yours is a Radio 4 consumer programme. they ahve an hour to fill every weekday, so are always hungry for stories, I'd imagine...

RTKangaMummy Tue 08-Feb-05 13:10:49

Y & Y is a radio 4 consummer prog

I am getting angry for you right now

bundle Tue 08-Feb-05 13:13:23

ripley, sometimes all these people need to hand over the cash (I don't just mean the fine for the illegal parking) is a little nudge. depends if you can be bothered, but shouldn't take too much effort. the guardian also has a sort of consumer champion, can't remember which day tho.

foxinsocks Tue 08-Feb-05 13:23:02

Ah ha! I knew I'd find you!

First of all, I wouldn't mention that you're not sure of the milage figures. If you think they did 200 miles, then they probably did (and lets face it, driving round the whole other side of London, they probably did do that much!).

I would demand a full tank of petrol, full payment of the fine and a letter from the manager showing that they are going to investigate this man/woman who drove your car round London. The thing about the exhaust is complete bollocks.

Trading standards are a good place to go for complaints like this (you may find that this garage has a reputation).

ripley Tue 08-Feb-05 13:26:27

The only radio I listen to is R3!

I am inclined to believe that they will send me the money quickly as they were very prompt in acknowledging and fixing the initial problem. Have talked to her again and all of the guys are denying responsiblility but she says I will definitely get the money from them. I'm not scared of yelling at people down the phone but I get fed up of following things through (am a bit lazy by nature!)

RTKangaMummy Tue 08-Feb-05 13:28:00

they must have logged him out?

WHy was he so long away from work?

What time was the ticket and what day?

ripley Tue 08-Feb-05 13:29:52

Hello foxinsocks! You probably think I'm a right fool now eh?! I think I'll give them a call towards the end of the day and add on the tank of petrol and ask for an investigation. I'm good with hot air but don't know what to back it up with sometimes!

bundle Tue 08-Feb-05 13:30:32

i suppose they could threaten them with the police. really it's TWOCing isn't it? (yes, they were fixing the car, but 200 miles, ffs...). Do follow it through, it may stop them doing similar to someone else who's vulnerable. are they a member of a trade body? or tied into a dealership? you could cc a little note to them..

ripley Tue 08-Feb-05 13:31:55

The ticket wasn't for the daytime - it was for 00:44 on a Thursday morning to be precise and in EC1!

RTKangaMummy Tue 08-Feb-05 13:32:29

if you corespond by email it is n writing

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