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Help! Advice needed re trying to get a letter out of a solicitor before we lose our new house

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ixel Tue 08-Feb-05 08:57:06

Its pretty complicated, but the main story is:
1.we are selling up and buying a house
2.we have just got the shared freehold on the flat we're selling, going through right now
3.everyone is ready to exchange, except our buyers solicitor wants to know the timescale for the registration of the new lease
4.the sloicitor who is dealing with the new freehold is waiting for our deeds to arrive back in the post(and has had a fax from the Abbey to say they are in the post), then she just has to date it
5.But she wont answer any communication from our conveyancing solicitor, or that of our buyer, and wont write a letter even giving a rough timescale.She's stopped taking our calls too.

Its SO close to being done. But the sellers of the house one up in the chain say they've waited too long and its back on the market, so if they sell, the sellers of our new place wont be able to sell to us.
Its only been 12 weeks, but they had a buyer that pulled out before us, so it seems longer for the people at the top.

Is there anything we can do?I cant believe its all going to fall through at such a late stage.

Blackduck Tue 08-Feb-05 09:07:45

ixel - not clear - is she YOUR solicitor? If she is I'd be bl**dy furious - you are paying her after all..

Freckle Tue 08-Feb-05 09:32:15

Who is paying this solicitor? I presume it is you and the other freeholders. Can you go round in person? STand there and demand that you see her. If she refuses to see you, you can threaten to report her to the Law Society and you can threaten to sue for all additional costs you incur if you lose this property because of her refusal to do her job. Chances are she will know they are empty threats (which they probably will be), but I don't see what else you can do at the moment.

How about getting the estate agents involved?

ixel Tue 08-Feb-05 13:04:56

All the freeholders are paying her; we collected the money in a bank account, and any last minute extras are being paid direct to her. Dh is the secretary, which makes it even more annoying.
She wont speak to our estate agents on the phone. And the agents of the house we're buying, same company, is next door to her office!
I wanted dh to go over there yesterday, as he'd taken a day off work to sort things out, but he reckons it'll make her worse. But how worse can it be??
Our buyer's solicitor is saying the ball is in our court now etc... which it is, but its not our fault we cant get an answer out of the other solicitor.

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