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Faulty toy since out of packaging

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Washersaurus Wed 23-Jul-08 11:22:22

DS1 was given a StoryReader for his birthday last year with the Lion King book and cartridge

We got fed up of listening to the same story over and over so asked my mum who lives in Florida to pick us up some more books and cartridges for us. She gave him 2 sets with 3 stories on each cartridge - he was very excited as one had Cranky the Crane from Thomas the Tank in it.

Unfortunately, only one book on each cartridge works in the Storyreader unit, I have contacted their customer service department who are very unhelpful and just tell me the books aren't covered by their 90 day warranty, so there is nothing that I can do.

Is this right? Surely there is something I can do to get a replacement that works? I have read the reviews on Amazon of people who have experienced the same problem too.

LIZS Wed 23-Jul-08 12:24:50

Are the US-sold ones supposed to be compatible with UK console? If it were a UK retailer you ould go back there first but not sure re US.

Washersaurus Wed 23-Jul-08 13:02:40

The UK and US books are all the same so should be compatible - the cartridges we have do play one of the stories but not the other two that they should. I could get my mum to take them back to Target or Walmart or where ever she got them from but I am so angry at the crappy customer service!

I would have bought them over here but Amazon and Ebay seem to be the only places you can get them, and they aren't the cheapest.

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