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Need to find a s**t hot family solicitor !!

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boudicca Mon 07-Feb-05 12:19:42

*Can any one help ?*
A friend has just found out that her exP has a really high profile solicitor working for him - she needs to find someone that she feels confidence in.

littlemissbossy Mon 07-Feb-05 12:28:23

where does she live?

boudicca Mon 07-Feb-05 12:30:20

She's in London -do you know anyone ?

littlemissbossy Mon 07-Feb-05 12:33:14

sorry, no I'm in the North, just keep bumping this up someone will know

jampots Mon 07-Feb-05 12:36:01

My friend is a family lawyer but based in the Midlands.

vkr Mon 07-Feb-05 12:36:17

What does she need from the solicitor - financial advice ? children issues ? UK and abroad ? - who has exP instructed

WideWebWitch Mon 07-Feb-05 12:38:36

Mishcon de Reya got Diana her divorce settlement but are prob expensive. I don't personally know anyone who's used them though.

MummytoSteven Mon 07-Feb-05 13:06:11

have a look on the legal 500 web site - and/or in the local library if they have a copy of the legal 500 book - they list the top firms in the area specialising family law and the leading individuals in family law.

another well know firm for private client/trust/and I think family matters is Farrer & Co - think that they are the Queen's law firm(!)

your friend will also need to think about whether she will be looking to obtain legal aid - not all solicitors do legal aid cases

boudicca Mon 07-Feb-05 14:47:00

Thanks for all your replies -friend and her ex P have a child so that's what most of the wrangling will be over.He's got Jane Craig of Manches (based at The Aldwych ).We've looked on the Law Soc site and found lots of possibles for friend to go to, but ideally she'd like to find someone equal to this Jane Craig.Also friend would be legal aid.

vkr Mon 07-Feb-05 15:24:20

Do enquire of James Stewart (more oikely his secretary)at Reynolds Porter Chamberlain (holborn)if he would be prepared to take on a legal aid case - then get your friend to meet him to see if they would get on

aloha Mon 07-Feb-05 15:27:30

What will they be wrangling about? If they weren't married her rights re property and money are reduced. But if her exp thinks that just having an expensive solicitor will mean the child will life with him, he's deluded.

boudicca Mon 07-Feb-05 16:05:52

Aloha,I don't know all the details of 'wrangles' just yet, but I think custody may be one of them, probably the biggest though ! (Also maintenance may be a sticking point).ExP seems to have gone straight to the 'big guns',we don't really know why though as my friend was never considering stopping exP having child for visits etc.
Personally I can't think he's in a very good position morally as it was exP that told my friend to leave the family home !(and with about 5 days notice).

boudicca Mon 07-Feb-05 16:30:02

Thank you VKR and MummytoSteven I've checked out your recommendations - both look really good, I just hope my friend can use one of them, legal aid allowing iyswIm

anorak Mon 07-Feb-05 16:47:47

Our solicitor is based in Willesden, is very approachable and friendly and has handled all our business for the last 5 years - including a very complicated contact case which was resolved to our satisfaction. CAT me if you'd like their name and address.

boudicca Mon 07-Feb-05 17:02:17

thanks Anorak, I'll keep your invitation in mind when I update my friend.

boudicca Mon 07-Feb-05 20:55:29

DecafArabica Mon 07-Feb-05 23:29:46

I can recommend a friend I was at law school with who is an experienced family law mediator and is a trainee judge to boot! She is head of the family law dept at a well known firm in Fulham. CAT me if you'd like her contact details.

boudicca Tue 08-Feb-05 00:03:03

DecafeArabica ,sounds good,thanks so much

nikkim Tue 08-Feb-05 00:11:46

Obviously you want to get the best advice possible but I agree with aloha that a hot shot is not essential.

My ex hired a high profile firm to tear me to pieces and try and get custody. I literally plucked a solicitor from the phone book and took the legal aid route and even though I have had strings of unpleasant letters that have cost him a fortune it hasn't really got him anywhere. Okay I may have been able to bag a few extra quid maintenence , although CSA took control of that so even that wasn't an issue in the end. If right is on your side and you are a woman there is little to fight.

boudicca Tue 08-Feb-05 00:23:55

Hi Nikkim,I think she's just thoroughly 'rattled' at the moment.Even after she had moved out (at his insistance !)she was still thinking along the lines of them getting back together, she thought they could work through their problems.All the time they were together she kept urging (now)exP to get PR, but he was too idle, now they've split he seems to have galvanised himself into fighting her every inch of the way ! She had/has no intention of 'taking him to the cleaners',it's not as if he has much money anyway !,but she's naturally worried that he's taken on such a big name to fight his case.

nikkim Tue 08-Feb-05 00:35:35

I understand 100%, i can remember being terrified when I found out who my ex had hired thinking they were going to tear me apart - and they did try!! I was trying to provide reassuarance rather than criticise or dismiss your friends concerns.

boudicca Tue 08-Feb-05 00:41:16

didn't think you were doing either nikkim , and hearing you've triumphed over big city lawyers is good to hear

nikkim Tue 08-Feb-05 00:49:46

Have won the battle but still fighting the war! is that the right way? still doing financial stuff now.

My main concern was regarding custody as my ex was certain that he would get custody of dd due to his solicitor being well known for getting custody for fathers. In the end he didn't and I was even awarded residency as the magistrate was concerned by his behaviour. But I can remember feeling there was no way me and my little back street solicitor could ever take on such a firm but we have and continue to do so.

I have to admit that when I started divorce proceedings I just wanted it over and done with and my feelings of low self esteem and depression didn't motivate me to find the best solicitor I could. Perhaps if I had felt stronger or in better condition mentally I would be doing the same as your friend. Luckily though my apathy doesn't seemed to have cost me.

boudicca Tue 08-Feb-05 00:57:59

I'm so pleased that you've come through the bad stuff.Luckily my friend wasn't married, so doesn't have to do the divorce thing.Like you say - I hope that justice prevails in the end for my friend (and continues to do so for you too ).My friend is worried about custody, exP has the flat, she's using a pals place, so she's concerned that exP will try the 'she can't provide a proper home' stunt !

nikkim Tue 08-Feb-05 01:10:50

My ex did the same to me, we lived in hostels, bed and breakfast, lived with my mum then rented somewhere and eventually bought somewhere. My ex tried every trick in the book to see us homeless including withholding maintenance so i had no money for a deposit or rent all in an attempt to get custody but it failed. I did get letters saying I couldn't provide a stable home but we managed to ride it. The fact that he did all of this just painted him in a bad light especially as I remained reasonable througout, if through gritted teeth. I would advise your friend to try and remain reasonable (even though this is hard) as the courts do notice if one party is being a complete dick and the other is acting in the interests of the child. Also right or wrong if they are not married his rights are even less than ex husbands.

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