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childs savings accounts??

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lilsmum Sun 06-Feb-05 23:36:21

i want to open a savings account for dd (12mth) but wondered if anyone knew the accounts with the best freebies? lol

KristinaM Sun 06-Feb-05 23:58:25

I would also like to know the best children's account, but am more interested in the interest rates . Does anyone know if there is a website which compares different accounts?

Fran1 Mon 07-Feb-05 00:52:05


gingerbabe Sun 13-Feb-05 17:29:25

With regard to freebies, Halifax currently doing a money box and drawstring bag.

Have a look at They have a section on child savings accounts and tell you what current freebies are.

gingerbabe Sun 13-Feb-05 17:31:07

Sorry, I meant

gingerbabe Sun 13-Feb-05 17:33:07

Actually, have just tried it for myself to check and both .com and get there.

I'll shut up now.

franch Sun 13-Feb-05 17:43:32

DD is with the Halifax - Save4It - I'd recommend it - but obviously check the current interest rates etc - moneysavingexpert should do it, as gingerbabe says

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