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need to raise £500

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slowlygoingcrazy Sun 20-Jul-08 10:37:37

Got so much going on this month with weddings, birthdays, kids back to school stuff, etc etc. Have just worked it out and it comes to over £500 extra to other months!

Plus we need new mattress for DS2 and microwave just gave in!

Any ideas on how to raise this just as a one off? Have loads of kids clothes to sell, is ebay the way forward? Not sure I'd get much at a carboot. I know I'd never get anywhere near £500 but it could be a start!

daisydora Sun 20-Jul-08 10:40:34

If you find out a way let me know!! We've had past 3 months like this due to weddings, birthdays, TV packed in etc etc. Have flogged a couple of things on Ebay but its very hit and miss what sells & how much you can raise.

Good luck though.

Ivegotaheadache Sun 20-Jul-08 19:56:40

Do not buy one thing that you do not absolutely need.
That means no magazines, newspapers, macdonalds, coffee shops ect you could save a fair bit, though how much would obviously depend on how much you squandered in the first place.

Work out meals for the week that are very cheap, have beans on toast, egg on toast and things like that a few times a week amd aim to get your shopping bill down by £20-25 per week.

If you've got stuff sitting in your house you might as well try and sell it. Ebay would be good I suppose but I don't know of any others tbh.
Ebay sometimes do a 5p listing day I think so it would be worth looking out for those to keep costs down.

If I remember, some of the save money type of tv programmes said about using the skills you have to make money, but I dpn't know how realistic it would be to do this, especially in the short term.
THough I suppose in the long term it would be a good idea, if you were good at making jewellery to start your own business!!

Can't think of any more ways at the moment!

FAQ Sun 20-Jul-08 19:58:21

5p listing days IME are a bit of a con - as LOTS more people list on the same day - so there's more "competition" for your stuff - and you get less for it.

Just my opinion of course....

Could you take in some ironing, do some babysitting, deliver catalogues etc - that sort of thing??

DanJARMouse Sun 20-Jul-08 19:59:00

check out Gumtree - you may have a local one. Its free to list!

mazzystar Sun 20-Jul-08 20:00:53

ebay is a good start, but try to be savvy about

ime there is a radical difference in the sales where the pictures are really good and clear and the descriptions are enthusiastic

any spare time to do some ironing or babysitting?

and try to get the costs down on spends?

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