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Compensation from the Local Authority

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fiodyl Sat 19-Jul-08 00:39:11

I would like some legal advice about this please.

Ive been thinking abou this for a few months now but am still undecided on whether to go ahead or not- I have plenty of reasons not to do it.

I know it is possible, but Im not sure how likely it is that I would win.

If I did what would the compensation be like? i.e. would it be worth the stress?

I would need a solicitor I think, but how much would that cost?again is it worth it?
What kind of solicitor would I need?

Would I just have to base the claim on one aspect i.e wrongly taking my baby into care/delay in arranging suitable mother and baby placement/causing PTSD and separation anxiety/general intrusion and disruption to our private family life? If so which one or could I do them all at once or separately?

Is there a time limit? Could I see how I feel in a year?or is it now or never? and how long would the process take overall?

I know people will tell me to speak to CAB, but I can't talk face to fce about it without breaking down still, so nd to some info from he inernet before I speak out in RL, if I decide to do it of course.

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