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Advice on Speeding Fine / intent to prosecute needed please!!!

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becklespeckle Fri 18-Jul-08 22:57:51

The short version is this - how likely are you to get a ban for doing 53 in a 30 limit (open road, not built up area)?

More details...

The person caught was doing 53 in a 30 (not me BTW). Although I know it should make no difference it was an A road, the road was empty (pics to prove it), was almost out of the 30 limit with no footpaths and the weather was clear.

The person caught currently has a clean licence, last points 8.5 years ago although before that his record was not good.

Also currently out of work and needs his license to travel to jobs, has young family & mortgage etc...

According to the leaflet thing if he had been doing 50 or less then he would have got a fixed penalty but at 53 it is court. When he phoned and requested the photos he was told he would probably not even have to attend court, just write a letter apologising and admitting his guilt. Is this true?

Is he likely to get a ban or more likely to get a big fine and 6 points?

becklespeckle Fri 18-Jul-08 23:00:33

Just realised I have spelt licence in 2 different ways blush

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