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Advice needed for changing surname after divorce!

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pinkyp Fri 18-Jul-08 22:17:37

Hiya i got divorced nov 2008, so far i have only changed my name back at work, bank accounts, and doctors. I've just realised i need to change my driving licence but i'm confused what to do first? insurance, v5 doc or licence? Or do i have to do them all together or wait until my licence is back? I need to change my bills to - will the companys ask for my divorce certificate? also do i legally have to change my passport? I cant really afford the £72 - plus my partner and baby dont have one and i havent planned any holidays on my own!
Any help welcome! Thank you

Redwood Fri 18-Jul-08 22:36:30

Hi, i got divorced in 2000 and i changed my passport first (my ex cut the old one up!!) then i had the id needed to change the other documents as they all ask for this or another major id document. However I think if you take yoour divorce certificate with you if you do go on holiday you will be ok, the other thing is to book your holiday in you married name. I would change the driving licence first and yes they do ask for your divorce cert to prove you are who you say you are! Hope that helps

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