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What would happen if I contacted the police?

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MrsSnape Fri 18-Jul-08 18:45:45

After being pestered continuously to "get the ball out the garden" I told the little bastards to climb over and get it themselves. (I said it in a nice way however). They then proceeded to smash up my son's goal post.

I want to move but to do this quickly the council need proof of "neighbour troubles". If I reported this latest incident to the police, what would happen? If the police go to the kids houses I'd end up with my windows being put through. If they just note it down and do nothing it is at least 1 reported crime against me that I can use for the council....what would they do realistically?

pinkyp Sat 19-Jul-08 00:08:39

couldnt you report it to the police without saying who it was that you didnt get a proper look as they had hoodys on or that you went inside as you were scared?

dizzydixies Sat 19-Jul-08 00:15:02

MrsSnape - phone your local police and ask to be contacted by the community liaison officer for your area of residence by PHONE - make sure the person who takes the call makes a note of this and they don't turn up in person if you don't want them to

they'll then contact you and discuss all options including opening a file on events that have happened - you may be asked to keep a diary with dates/times/occurrences etc

otherwise, as pinkyp - you always have the option to call into the local station but you run the risk of not managing to speak to a community liaison officer but a local beat cop who would be less likely to have such up to date advice re neighbour hood issues and best advice

if you phone and report a vandalism claiming you don't know who did it they'll still have to attend and take statements as they're obliged to note all crimes

dizzydixies Sat 19-Jul-08 00:16:12

oh and if you do manage to speak to you liaison officer make sure you get their name so you can contact/get a message to them directly - its much easier to work consistantly with one officer rather than having to relay the story to several if this is going to be an ongoing issue

BayeauxT Sat 19-Jul-08 21:30:27

Yes, contact the community liaison officer - I had some problems wif yoofs in the garden etc and after that I never saw them again - no broken windows, just peace and quiet (until the next generation arrived, that is!)

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