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Trouble with Hachette Partworks magazine company

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I agreed that dd could have the Spongebb collection for a while and we had it delivered - paid by cheque when we got an invoice.

After a while we cancelled by letter (which we're allowed to do) and sent the final cheque. I keep getting letters saying I still owe £23.92 which I know I've paid. I emailed them and no response, I also confirmed in the email (back in April) that I'd cancelled.

Got another invoice/letter, rang them this time. They said they would sort it out.

Got another invoice - emailed them and no reply.

Got another letter, this time got a reply asking for cheque numbers. I managed to get cheque numbers by ringing up the bank as I've lost my chequebook. So told Hachette dates and cheque numbers.

Got another invoice/letter today. Rang up and spoke to some muppet who was very rude. She also mentioned that my account is still open. I told her that I shut it months ago and have saved the emails and can prove it. They reckon I never sent them the cheque numbers so have resent the email. Only problem is although Barclays have told me that cheques for the correct amount cleared on certain days - they can't tell me who the cheque was made out to. Its very unlikely that I paid someone else a cheque for £23.92 but how can I prove it? Also if I want a replacement statement from Barclays I will have to pay for it. I can see me having to pay another £23.92 just to get them off my back and the principle of it makes me sooooo mad. Is there anything else I can do?

On another forum I read an old post from someone who had nearly identical problems with then and the baliffs came round!!!! He ended up paying just to stop it all - but how bad is that? I'm so angry.

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