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Not married, advice re wills...

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Dopeydoris Thu 17-Jul-08 20:46:42

Dp and I live together in my house - we are not married but with a baby on the way we need to sort out wills etc.

DP doesn't have any assets at present(just a pile of debts hmm but obviously/hopefully that will not always be the case. He also has 3 children from a previous relationship whom he doesn't see but obviously would need to be considered.

I have a house, car and fingers crossed may may end up with some saving due to some share options through work.

As our circumstances are quite differen should we do mirror wills or would it be more appropriate to both make out seperate wills?

Also would you advice that I leave everything to him, or am I better to leave to the child, with a provision that he can stay in the house until they are 25 (which is the age I would like them to get the money)?

The house is worth around £300k and the mortgage is about £140k - I presume I would need to take out a Life Assurance policy to cover the mortgage in either event.

I would really welcome any thoughts about this?

Freckle Thu 17-Jul-08 20:53:51

I would suggest separate wills, with you leaving everything to your dcs, with an interest in the property for your dp for a stated length of time.

If you leave everything to your dp and he were to die without making a will or with a will splitting his estate between his dcs, his dcs from a previous relationship will end up inheriting a substantial portion of your estate, which presumably you would rather go to your own dcs.

I do think you need to see a solicitor to go through all the options.

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