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Envelope stuffing????

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Fran1 Sat 05-Feb-05 22:53:21

Does anyone actually do this or are they all cons?

I sent off to two company's advertising in my local paper for info, both sent back similar looking A4 sheet of paper waffling on about how rich you could become if only you send them a cheque of £15, saying this is just so they know you are definitely interested!

I remember seeing similar scams on watchdog, so will not send this off unless i hear from anyone else that its genuine.

But, i am desperate to earn a bit of extra cash to help chip away at our debts, but as i already work parttime, i am unable to find any extra childcare, so it needs to be something i can do at home.

Anyone any ideas? or experience of envelope stuffing?
I have considered the usual avon etc but i'm not sure how much i'd manage with a 2 yr old in tow (i.e the delivering of brochures etc) not sure that the amount i'd manage would be worth my while.

Thanks in advance xx

stupidgirl Sat 05-Feb-05 22:53:50

All cons.

pinkdiamond Sat 05-Feb-05 22:54:42

Message withdrawn

Gwenick Sat 05-Feb-05 22:56:02

Delivering of Avonn brouchures with 2yr old in tow - Easy - hang them over the buggy with 2yr old in them. I used to make roughtly £75-150 every 3 weeks with Avon - admittedly I did have about 20-30 regular customers though - but not difficult to find. I started Avon when DS1 was 18 months, finished when DS1 was 3 1/2yrs (and DS2 was about 8 months). Loved it while I did it but wouldn't go back to it.

wobblyknicks Sat 05-Feb-05 22:56:24

IME, any legit company that needs envelopes stuffed gets a secretary to do it, or a work experience person, or hires someone short term to do it, rather than go to another company.

Blossomhill Sat 05-Feb-05 22:56:37

How about ironing from home. I know a lot of people that do that. Just look in your local directory to find an ironing company.
I have thought about it myself but doubt anyone would pay me as my ironing standards are not very high

stupidgirl Sat 05-Feb-05 22:58:59

have a look at this and this They might give you some ideas. Also the homeworking forums on UK Parents and ivillage are qute good.


Fran1 Sat 05-Feb-05 23:00:15

That is a good idea Blossom hill, hadn't thought of that! (then my own ironing pile would continue to grow - but could be worth it to get rid of our debts!)

Gwenick - thats good to know, but my concern is 2 yr old hates her buggy and has worked out how to climb out of her straps!! I may still look into it though as your earnings are tempting me.

Thanks everyone

Fran1 Sat 05-Feb-05 23:00:36

Oh and thx to stupidgirl, of to look at your links now!

Gwenick Sat 05-Feb-05 23:03:20

Fran - I won't deny it was VERY hard work at times - and certainly at times I felt like giving up (finally gave up because I moved and don't drive so was too far to my 'round'). You get between 20 and 25% of your sales so first campaign I only got £20 as I sold about £80 of stuff. Also it's VERY tempting to 'spend' some of your commision before you get it on stuff in the representatives catalogue.

jessicasmummy Sat 05-Feb-05 23:07:21

i do avon and tbh i dont get that much - actually gonna give it up - not worth a tenner every few weeks imo! By the time you have paid for books etc whats left is not a lot.

JulieF Sat 05-Feb-05 23:08:12

The company I used to work for used to employ envelop stuffers but it was never from home. They either got temps in to the office to do it, or sent it to a specialist company who did it on theor premises.

Snugs Sat 05-Feb-05 23:10:05

Betterware can be good as a part-time job. Earnings 20% of sales, but nothing to lay out.

Gwenick Sun 06-Feb-05 00:26:38

Had a friend who did Betterware and Avon she said she preferred Avon - but only because it was easier to deliver - she had great difficulties trying to deliver mops and other 'long handled' object (and strange shaped things) with a buggy LOL

Snugs Sun 06-Feb-05 00:30:33

Yeah I sometimes have the same problem Gwenick - but I get dh to deliver them by saying something like - 'footie on Sky hon, so on your way to the pub to watch it .....'
I do make a decent amount of commission from Betterware and dont put a lot of hours in.

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