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OMG!! Changing energy from Atlantic to E-On.....

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tiredemma Thu 17-Jul-08 16:29:52

Just came home to find that a letter had arrived today from atlantic-

They owe us £777! and will credit it in the next few days-
still waiting for a letter with the final electric amount (hope its similar)

I never expected to be credited anything.

What a bonus- im stunned.

Tinker Thu 17-Jul-08 16:31:02

Just shows how much they were ripping you off though, keeping it in their account instead of yours. Glad for you though.

tiredemma Thu 17-Jul-08 16:33:59


kando Thu 17-Jul-08 16:34:16

We're in the process of changing from scottish power to E-on ... how I would love for them to send us a letter like yours!!! Bet it won't happen though! Have you signed up for the capped tarif with Eon?

tiredemma Thu 17-Jul-08 18:37:14

yes, capped until Oct 2009.

You never know Kando, I was so surprised, it was the last thing that I expected.

forevercleaning Thu 17-Jul-08 18:39:48

oh arse! have just spent months getting switched from scottish power to Atlantic!!
Are they crap TiredEmma?

I dont do the direct debit thing, just pay the bill, so are they are rip off in other ways or did you just think it was time for a better deal?

tiredemma Thu 17-Jul-08 18:47:13

They were actually ok, but I got a better deal doing Direct debit with E-on, so decided to change.

Obv with Direct debit, you are always in credit, so thats why they owe us the money. Im surprised at how much in'credit' we were, where do they get their figures from?

dilemma456 Fri 18-Jul-08 16:06:47

Message withdrawn

expatinscotland Fri 18-Jul-08 16:09:18

Don't count your pennies just yet.

They may come back and tell you the notice is an error, the way they did with my ILs.

purpleturtle Fri 18-Jul-08 16:11:56

What on earth was your monthly payment if you've managed to accrue that much? I can't imagine how that can possibly be right.

tiredemma Fri 18-Jul-08 19:43:25

£59 a month DD for Gas

£45 for electric.

FAQ Fri 18-Jul-08 19:57:15

<<<<has had nothing but crap customer service from EON and only sticks with them as after lots of research she's found they're the cheapest she can get right now>>>>>>

forevercleaning Sat 19-Jul-08 10:50:52

dilema456 - scottish power have been great for years, started paying a direct debit, but they kept putting it up and up so they were keeping a bit of my money, so went back to paying the bill when it came in.

just having a surf to see if i could save any money and thats when the problems started! Tried to move to atlantic, then scottish poiwer found out and asked me to stay for a better deal, saying i didnt have to do anything, so i thought that was that, i was stayng with scot p. anyway i had moved to atlantic, then cot took me back, then atlantic took me again! until it was such a mess but scottish poiwers fault!

They are great if you dont want to move from them. Or if you do, once decided, stick with decision and move. Had bills coming out of my ears from all over the place!!!

purpleturtle Sat 19-Jul-08 21:03:37

tiredemma, I really think they've made a mistake. Your first figure is more than a year's worth of payments - which given the crappy weather we've had, and the rising price of fuel is pretty unrealistic. Don't rush out on a spending spree!

tiredemma Sat 19-Jul-08 21:10:35

hang on- ill type out how its brken down on the letter

tiredemma Sun 20-Jul-08 08:56:26

Just as I thought, it's fairly complicated to work it out but it looks as if its this:

I pay £59 per month for my gas, on my statement for the two last quaters, my gas total has been approx £87 for the three months -maybe the total of £777 amounts to the totals creited from all those previous months?

Im paying approx £30 pm 'over' my usage IYKWIM?

Our house is predominantly Electric, maybe this is why?

robinpud Sun 20-Jul-08 09:01:06

I'm very happy with Atlantic..are you sure this is right and it's not just the fact that they have gone from quarterly bills to half yearly bills? They credited my account back when the balance got over £150 last year without being asked.

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