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Children's Investment Trusts

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MumtoPhoebeboo Wed 16-Jul-08 11:23:51

I'm hoping for some advice regarding children's investment trusts. DD was born in 2001, before the introduction of Child Trust Fund voucher. I have approximately £1000 that I want to invest for her, long-term, that could potentially help with school fees etc in about 5 years time (with regular top-ups) I've come across several Investment Trust plans for children such as F&C Children's Investment Plan and JPMorgan Investment Trusts that give the option of investing in various equities, globally, managed by a fund manager.

Does anyone have any experience of using such a trust and, given the current economic climate, would it be foolish to invest in such a thing now, or is it a good time to take advantage of potentially undervalued equities or emerging markets? Any advice would be very welcome! Thank you! grin

fiodyl Wed 16-Jul-08 12:38:00

If it was me Id steer well clear a t the moment and stick the money in a high interest account instead- theres plenty offering 7% and I think this is a safer bet in the short term. Id then re look at the investment plans in say 3-5 years time for the undervalued equities and emerging markets mention in your OP.

my childrens CTF are in stakeholder plans but as they don't mature until 2024-25 its a completely different ball game. I don't add regular amounts to them though, I put this in a Halifax regular saver at 10% instead.I will put this money into their trust funds when prices are low but still with enough time for them to increase before the funds mature.

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