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Child Welfare Hearing - does anyone have experience?

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MeAndMyGirl Mon 14-Jul-08 12:52:04

Hi. Have split from ex due to him being violent. Had to get exclusion order to remove him from our home and my dd and I were technically homeless for 8 weeks as he refused to get out. He had access visits to daughter 3hrs on Saturday which broke down due to his unreliability. He returned her wet one day in her own urine. Most of the time he was violent to me my dd was in the room or i was holding her.
he is now taking it to family courts for access to her - am terrified of facing him again and also how he manipulates everything to his advantage. although know is for access only, am terrified of losing my dd.
does anyone have any experience of access being denied in their favour; or any advice/help they can give me?

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