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Please Help, need to move, no money

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MrsSnape Sat 12-Jul-08 21:53:17

I had money saved up to allow us to move last year but everywhere I enquired about would not entertain me because I was not working. In the end if I got so sick of it I gave up, we were not having any bother where we live and it seemed pointless trying so I booked a (well needed) holiday with the money instead.

Needless to say the area has suddenly become a hellhole, the local kids are out screaming and shouting until 3/4am...the younger ones are CONSTANTLY kicking their ball at my windows and doors, I just hate it and am constantly on edge. Another big problem is that DS (already huge target for bullying) is due to start secondary school in two years and we are currently in the catchment of the roughest school in the city...he would be CRUCIFIED.

Anyway after hearing the words "cocksucker" and "faggit" screamed down the street at top volume I decided to look on rightmove out of curiosity...would you believe a house has come up, low rent, ok with DSS, away with the estate and IN THE GOOD SCHOOL'S CATCHMENT AREA.

But I've spent the money sad it does say they don't require a bond, just a guarantor and I have one so I assume its just a case of getting a months rent together? I've heard the DSS would help me with this?

Should I go for it or am I being unrealistic expecting to move with no money?

avenanap Sat 12-Jul-08 21:56:11

Shelter used to have funds for deposits that people could borrow. A guarantor is a person they can hassle incase you are late paying the rent, they contact the guarantor and they have to pay it on your behalf. I would contact them and make some enquiries. You have nothing to loose. Good luck smile

fiodyl Sat 12-Jul-08 22:46:16

Some local councils do a rent in advance scheme for people on housing benefit.

They pay the rent in advance for you and then after 6 months they will reduce your housing benefit slightly to pay back the rent they loaned you.

lou031205 Sat 12-Jul-08 22:53:59

You can apply for a crisis loan through jobcentre plus for the deposit.

fiodyl Sat 12-Jul-08 23:28:29

Try looking here

I don't think rent in advance counts as a 'crisis' though unless you are threatened with homelessness

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