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Begging for help/advice from CSA workers/soliciters/anyone in the know. I think im in major trouble

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loopylou6 Sat 12-Jul-08 09:30:53

got a letter from csa yesterday saying dh owes nearly £900 for our ds, now a bit of background we had ds when we where 16 i lived with my parents for 2 years and claimed income support, dh was supposed to pay about £5 per week, he did for a while but then wrote to the csa saying he would pay me direct, never heard nothing back, and eventually we moved in together. One day a couple of years later, we got a letter to our new address saying he owed money to them, we phoned them and told them we where now a family unit etc and they said they had no change of circumstances and put us through to the fraud squad, my husband was luckily able to think quickly and said to them if you have no change of circumstances then how do you have our new address? also he asked them the telep[hone number they had for us and it was our new number, so with this proving they did infact have our new details they said they would close the case, we recieved letters to this effect aswell which now have been lost having moved a couple of times since.
So back to the present, we got this letter yesterday threatening that if he doesnt pay up immediatly they have the power to freeze our banks, suspend his driving license and even send him to jail. How can this happen after them closing the case? I am very scared of possible outcomes of this, also how did they get our address? the letter yesterdayw as sent to my mums house where we used to live untill we did a mutual exchange but we where never listed on the electoral role at that address. Please could someone advise us, dh has just been made redundant, im already depressed and on medication which incidently was put up yesterday coz im just not coping, and now this.

loopylou6 Sat 12-Jul-08 14:26:44

desperate bump, have spoken on the phone to them and they are saying they have no records of the letter they sent us closing the case.

LadyMuck Sat 12-Jul-08 14:32:59

I think that the best course of action would be to get appt with CAB and bring all paperwork with you.

What timescale are we taking about? Were you claiming any IS benefits during this period?

With many Government offices there can be a wide gulf between the department who makes decisions, and those who chase for payment. But in terms of finding out where you lived I would imagine that there is a paper trail eg via child benefit, national insurance number, TV licences, GP etc.

ExtraFancy Sat 12-Jul-08 14:36:13

You poor thing, it sounds like a nightmare sad I don't work for the CSA, but for another government department (the Pension Service). I just wanted to say that all the Govt departments share a database for personal details, so if you/your DP are claiming any other benefits like JSA, IS, Tax Credits etc and you've given them your current address, the whole system will have been updated, and that's where they will have got your address from.

I know that's probably not much comfort to you - I'd advise you to contact them again and demand they request your original case papers. That should have a record of ANY correspondence from you, even if the notes on their computer system don't show anything.

I hope you get it sorted soon!

sockmonkey Sat 12-Jul-08 14:54:35

We had similar happen. Did not get out of paying it. Was over £4,000 though for DH's bill. Neither of us was working at the time. Honestly I thought he would end up in jail. Thankfully MIL gave us half the money, which was her entire life savings.
You can arrange monthly payments with CSA, but they did insist that it had to be payed off within 2 years.
Hope you manage to find a way out of it though. Sounds like this is their mistake not yours.

loopylou6 Sat 12-Jul-08 15:00:59

thnak you for your replys, for the first 2-3 years of ds's life i was claiming income support and the csa told dh theyw anted £5 a week off him (he was only 16 and an apprentice so he didnt earn much) he wrote to the csa and told them he was going to pay me direct and never heard anything back, untill a few eyars later when they closed the case, and now this sad

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