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Landlord putting rent up...its already too high!

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walkinthewoods Thu 10-Jul-08 17:11:18

We have been living here a year. We had a couple of issues but nothing major but I think our landlord is a novice (we have been renting for years). He is now putting rent up by 5% and in our contract it says that he can do this and if we disagree then we have to give one months notice. Seems very unfair as I've been scooting around and our rent is already at the top end (had to move quickly). It will be pushing us to afford it.

I went to the tribunal site (for fair rents) and spoke to a woman who said that he has to serve us with a specific notice (not just a letter). I asked whether he could just chuck us out anyway and she thinks not but I wonder if this is right? Surely he can just give us notice to leave at any time.

I am so infuriated about the way he is treating us that we've a mind to become sitting tennants.

Any legal beagles out there?

LIZS Thu 10-Jul-08 17:16:02

If the tenancy term has expired, assuming it is an Assured Shorthold Agreement, then he can give 2 month's notice to quit or you one. You could speak to Shelter or CAB to confirm.

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