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Credit card balance transfers - can you transfer some of the balance?

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Phoenix Thu 10-Jul-08 00:24:52

I've got a Halifax card with £2000 on. Interest free period has run out so just got a Tesco card but with only £1300 credit limit.

Can i transfer some of the Halifax balance? or does it have to be the full amount on it?


hopefully Thu 10-Jul-08 10:09:00

You should be able to transfer some of the balance without any problem - just phone the new card provider with the details of the old card and the amount you want to transfer, if you've already sent the forms back. If you have already sent the forms back (i.e. the balance transfer will not be effective from the start of the card), there may be a 1% fee or similar, or they may offer you a transfer with no fee but with a low interest rate - make sure you're clear on this before agreeing to the transfer.

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