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Do you have to be informed if charges are applied to your account ?

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lilyloo Wed 09-Jul-08 13:29:53

DP has just started a new job and hasn't had a wage for 3 mths.
Basically he informed the bank that he would struggle to make his loan payment for 1 mth.
He was advised to make a nominal payment and send it with covering letter which he did.
He then recieved a call saying he needed to pay the full balance , they hadn't had letter or cheque despite them cashing cheque.
He then sorted this out after speaking to a manager.
He was then told to do the same the next month as they wouldn't add the balance to the loan or set up dd to pay it off.
He then got a call on Sat saying 2nd cheque hadn't turned up so to cancel it and they would take it out of bank.
Yesterday we recieve letter saying due to non payment we would have ten pound charge as it was the second letter they had sent (it wasn't)
When he phoned up they said he had also been charged ten pound for both the phone calls.

Is this allowed ?

Paddlechick666 Wed 09-Jul-08 13:43:09

No idea I'm afraid Lily. Sounds blardy harsh tho.

Has he got any record of the agreement wrt nominal payments?

lilyloo Wed 09-Jul-08 13:47:17

No as it was done over phone , it was their suggestion!
But my thinking is if they cashed the cheque then surely they accepted that as part payment.
It was also agreed with a manager but via phone.
Suppose he could request phone transcripts ?

I just don't understand how you can have charges added without being told of them and to have one on Sat and then another via a letter on Mon shock they didn't even give him chance to sort it out!

hopefully Wed 09-Jul-08 16:35:23

That sounds v naughty, and far more likely to be a computer cock up than anything else, as they probably have a system that pings up lack of payment, even though a verbal agreement has been made to pay less.

Your DP needs to write down (as close as he can to correct dates) when each conversation was had with the bank, what was agreed, when any cheques that have been cashed by them were cashed etc etc, and phone them up and insist on speaking to someone with the authority to alter things. inform them you will be moving banks if they don't help you sort this out, as it is undoubtedly down to an error on their end, given that they verbally agreed to nominal payments.

hopefully Wed 09-Jul-08 16:35:56

Also point out you would hardly be sending nominal payments on the off chance that they would accept them - it was agreed with a manager, otherwise why the hell else would you do it?

lilyloo Wed 09-Jul-08 16:39:26

Exactly hopefully the fact they cashed it means they got the covering letter explaining.
He also has the managers name but getting to spk to him again is a nightmare!

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