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Credit ratings/reports - how do they work?

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JudyJones Fri 04-Jul-08 20:43:04

Just got an Equifax credit report for my DH after he was unexpectedly turned down when trying to sign up for a mobile on a monthly plan. Turns out his credit rating is DIRE, because, it seems, they have no trace of any previous credit agreements and somehow they think he is not on the electoral roll. Argh!

For a start, can this be all? Seems odd that he would have the worst possible rating, when he is financially blameless - not like he's defaulted on anything or had a million credit cards.

In terms of improving his rating, getting the electoral roll thing sorted and letting them know about his credit card will surely help. But how much? And what else can we do? There are countless household bills in our names that are always paid on time and a current account on which he has an overdraft. Do they count?

JudyJones Mon 07-Jul-08 09:09:57


Tortington Mon 07-Jul-08 09:12:34

no its about borrowing and reliability of paying it back - at the moment they can't prove that you would.

credit card would do it - as would buying something from catalogue and paying it back.

HollyGram Mon 07-Jul-08 09:13:49

yes credit card from cpaital one (who give small payment credit cards) or a catalogue or a mobile phone contract.

JudyJones Sat 12-Jul-08 21:44:43

Thanks Custardo and Hollygram -- hadn't thought of the catalogue thing (and do love an excuse to shop)...

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