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Mumsnetters help please

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Peckarollover Tue 01-Feb-05 10:54:37

My sister (a different one this time!) needs to locate a pension company.

Her Dad comitted suicide when she was 2 and her inheritance has come through since she was 18 in December. She has reference to a pension scheme but the telephone numbers (from 15 years ago) dont work. How does she find the company/get hold of the money!

It was or £1870 15 years ago - what will this be worth now?

The two companies mentioned on the letter she has are

shipbuilding industry pensions


Hadrian Solway (Hadrian Trustees limited)

irishbird Tue 01-Feb-05 10:57:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

beachyhead Tue 01-Feb-05 11:03:04

It has various contact emails

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