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divorce - help any solicitors there?

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soontobealone Thu 03-Jul-08 14:23:38

I am about to divorce my husband, it is uncontested and all financial and child issues are agreed between us. Neither of us has yet contacted seen a solicitor.
I have just made an appointment to see a collaborative law solicitor.
We haven't got a great deal of savings and I am very concerned about the costs. Generally speaking 3 solicitors contacted agreed on the costs for the divorce at about £1000 + vat for me as petitioner and about £300 + vat for dh. Could I save myself the £1000 by applying straight to the court for the divorce?
The major problem is the cost for agreeing the finances and the child contact(which we have already agreed between us). My solicitor charges £175 per hour and estimates £2 - 3000 each on top of the divorce costs.
The 2 other solicitors estimate £300 or £2000 respectively.
any opinions????

soontobealone Thu 03-Jul-08 14:39:52

Any divorce solicitors out there today??

scatterbrain Thu 03-Jul-08 14:45:06

I'm not a solicitor - but my best friend got divorced recently and didn't involve any solicitors - they did it all on the internet and saved a packet. Don't know how you do it - but they had to wait 2 yrs I think - not sure why though.

soontobealone Thu 03-Jul-08 14:46:21

thanks scatter.

soontobealone Thu 03-Jul-08 15:33:28

any solicitors yet?

soontobealone Thu 03-Jul-08 16:05:48

omg i'm so stressed about these costs - how can it be so expensive? I think I need to change the solicitor before the appointment.

jenniebee Thu 03-Jul-08 16:10:34

You've probably already done this but could you seek advise from citizens advice, i think they deal with this type of thing?sorry cant be of any help. sad

soontobealone Thu 03-Jul-08 16:14:09

thanks jenniebee I hadn't even though of that

MrsPickles Thu 03-Jul-08 23:33:48

Hi, I am family lawyer. Those costs are about right I'm afraid. Have you checked you are definitely not eligible for legal aid? There is unfortunately a big discrepancy between those who are eligible for legal aid and those who can actually afford private rates.
check if eligible for legal aid here
You can do the divorce yourself. The court staff are quite helpful. There is a court fee of I think £300 to issue the divorce and about £30 to get decree absolute. It is quite easy to get technical things wrong and therefore it can take longer to do if you do it yourself but you can usually remedy what you have got wrong. You can get all the forms from your local court for free.
Check here for your local family court - you can just go along to the court office to get the forms. The court website also has some helpful leaflets explaining the basic procedure. If your husband is going to cooperate with the divorce it should be OK. There are websites with divorce forums where you can get help. Try for a start. Make sure you leave all the financial claims in the divorce petition though - these need to be in there so if you can't agree the finances between you, you can apply to the court. Also you don't necessarily both need a solicitor. You CAN just agree the finances without recording it in an agreement although it's not advisable especially if you have children and you should discuss with a lawyer to make sure you are getting a good deal, especially if the children are going to live with you. You can do that in one appointment though if you can give full details of yours and your husband's financial situation and don't need additional disclosure.

If you have made arrangements for the children (residence/contact) that you are happy with, you don't need your lawyers to discuss that at all.

Good luck.

soontobealone Fri 04-Jul-08 10:36:33

thanks mrs pickles. If I sorted out the divorce part myself would I need to attend court?
Could I start the divorce process and then both see lawyers to draft out the finances and contact we've agreed?
How would the lawyers react to us doing the divorce ourselves?

TillyScoutsmum Fri 04-Jul-08 10:42:24

I did my own divorce using forms from the internet. It was fairly straightforward but there were no children/financial things to sort out. I had to go to the court to swear an affadavit but you don't actually have to go to a hearing or anything.

It took about 5 months and cost me less than £400

soontobealone Fri 04-Jul-08 10:49:30

thanks tilly what sites did you use?

TillyScoutsmum Fri 04-Jul-08 11:16:47

I think it was this one There's a helpline you can use if you have any queries etc. The courts are helpful as well

Hope you're ok

welshchick21 Sat 04-Jul-09 23:00:10

Im devestated!! My husband and I are probablly going to get a divorce

I am thinking of using a lawer called CAROL ELLINAS and i wonder if anyone has any experience or knowledge of her??

She is based in N6, London and is a partner in a firm called Bross Bennett


welshchick21 Sat 04-Jul-09 23:00:17

Im devestated!! My husband and I are probablly going to get a divorce

I am thinking of using a lawer called CAROL ELLINAS and i wonder if anyone has any experience or knowledge of her??

She is based in N6, London and is a partner in a firm called Bross Bennett


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