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Any idea how much mortgage this would be?

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mosschops30 Mon 30-Jun-08 18:32:16

If we borrowed £200,000??

dh reckons in the region of £1600 a month but that sounds horrendous.

Basically have seen a house for £325, it says offers around so Im guessing theyd take less.
We have about £130,000 equity in ours

LIZS Mon 30-Jun-08 18:34:54

Could be - ours was fixed 18 months ago and is about £1250 part repayment, part interest only. this any use?

TheBlonde Mon 30-Jun-08 18:35:13

calculator here

Chequers Mon 30-Jun-08 18:37:08

Message withdrawn

mosschops30 Mon 30-Jun-08 18:39:21

wow yeah from that calculator looks about £1500.

At the moment we only have a mortgage for £85k, its on a tracker and repayment.

Trying to decide if we should go nuts and buy our dream house, or stay where we are perfectly happy in a lovely street with lovely neighbours and extend so we can have an extra bathroom and bedroom

HappyNewYearFeet06 Fri 11-Jul-08 14:45:36

Wehave a mortgage for £192,000 and our repayments are £921 a month.

morethan1 Sat 12-Jul-08 01:01:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

foxymolly Sat 12-Jul-08 01:16:26

Our mortgage is £160,000 and repayments are £860 a month

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