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quick Question about CAR INSURANCE!

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munnzieb Sat 29-Jan-05 10:25:05

I'm with norwich union, and have been for the past 18 months, this is my new year for the ins. and I ahve been given the new schedual/ ins certificate, but i've checked online and they've not been taking the money from my account, in fact check that, theres not even a direct debit set up for them on my account.

My question is, am I covered for the insurance or not? Should I come clean and say look i've not been paying it or should I keep quiet?

jessicasmummy Sat 29-Jan-05 10:29:22

you need to phone and check... if god forbid you were to have an accident, the last thing you would want is to be told you're not covered. You didnt pay it all up front at your last renewal did you? Im assuming as you say you have been with them for 18 months, you are only 6 months into your 2nd year with them. May be worth double checking your paperwork from them, and giving them a call.... for your safetly at the end of the day.

daisy1999 Sat 29-Jan-05 10:34:25

Don't risk! The policy is only valid if it paid for - the cerificate and schedule are void otherwise.

munnzieb Sat 29-Jan-05 10:34:33

this is the start of my second year, the first payment was due to come out on the 26th Jan, (just looked at my paperwork) and it ddin't come out, it says I don't need to do anything and it will carry on on it's own accord. I'll wait I think until tues next week and see if theres been a delay or something. As you say I don't want to be without the insurance.

Branster Sun 30-Jan-05 18:29:32

do you pay monthly or annualy. i pay mothly with direct line (it works dearer actually than if i was to pay just one annual payment) and i only pay 11 installments rather than twelve (they divided the total by 11, not 12) so in fcat the last months of my insurance, before it's due for renewal, I don't have to apy anything because it's already been paid the the previous 11 installments. when my insurance was due for renewal, i kept the smae company and terms etc , they siad the money would be collected on the 27th of the first months when my renewal started but they didn't actally take any money out until about the 9th of the following months. i did phone them up at the time to check and was told all is fine and not to worry about it. i guess that's the way things work...

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