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the sh*t is about to hit the fan.....

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busyalexsmummy Wed 26-Jan-05 22:58:22

M-I-L has to out of her house by mid feb(has been sold
as she cant pay the morgage on her own-just finalised
divorce) thing is dear s-i-l is not doing much to help,
her dh, is a complete waste of space, hes nasty,two
faced, antisocial,grudgeholding so and so. m-i-l has a
old dog, not one that will chew stuff up or pee
everywhere, hes old, placid and wouldnt hurt a fly, but
m-i-l cant find anywhere to rent that will take pets in
her price range(£500 tops pcm) so we have now become
the main contenders in her plight, s-i-l's dh wont have
m-i-l's dog at theirs as he thinks that it gave his
dogs fleas a while back(they live in thesticks and more
than likely they caught them from running round in long
grass as m-i-l's dog didnt have fleas)so she is stuck
for accomodation. the thing is, I feel obliged because
she took us both in for 3 months when I was pregnant,
but as I am currently on benefits it will be really
hard, It means that I will no longer claim as that
would be fraud, so we will all be living on pennies,
actually the figures dont add up-at all. it also means
that when I plan to go back to college in sept, i will
have to pay for a)my course £250 b)my childcare-in
excess of £100 a week, Its not going to happen, its not
possible, I just dont know what to do??? have passed
wrd around about looking for a job/sunday job, I feel
that this is going to bring thingscrashing down around
me, but I dont know how I can no, I cant really waht do
i do???????????

colditzmum Wed 26-Jan-05 23:01:25

Get her to go to her local coucil for accomadation, they will let you keep exsisting pets. How old is she? She might quilify for sheltered housing

open Wed 26-Jan-05 23:05:59

Can you have the dog for a while - then she can get accommodation in her price range at least for the short term? When she's settled she can take time to look for something else.

busyalexsmummy Wed 26-Jan-05 23:43:09

thing is shes really concerned about the dog, she wont leave him, and is really not up for leaving him with us as we are in top floor flat and he would be down in the proch(we'd have to get some carpet in porch and keep going down to him cos he will whine in lonilness

janeybops Wed 26-Jan-05 23:44:01

when my frineds and I were students we had a dog and had no problem finding rented accommodation.

We viewed place, agreed prices etc and then let slip we had a small dog, and we would clean carpets when we left if we were allowed to keep her. Never let landlord see dog till we moved in (she was lab/setter cross so NOT small!. In fact our last L-lord said our house had been the only house of his that hadn't been burgled that year, so he was pleased! However, it might have helped that we were 5 20 year old girlies!

open Wed 26-Jan-05 23:48:16

As colditzmum suggests then, I think the council is your, or rather her best bet. Basically she will be homeless and it's the council's duty to house her, isn't it?

It doesn't sound like you can take her anyway because of putting the dog in the porch, etc.

And, presumably, when she took you both in, she had the house. Wouldn't it be a squash if you took her in (and the dog) in your flat?

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