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Birthday Party Bags

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RTKangaMummy Sun 23-Jan-05 16:18:41

We did brill party bag for DS

a tennis ball and a pencil

and some sweets

the kids thought tennis ball was brill and only cost 33p there are so many games you can play with tennis ball

{pack of 3 for 99p}

Party bags are so difficault to do cheaply

Gobbledigook Sun 23-Jan-05 16:19:12

Good tip RTKM! Will make a note!

Blackduck Sun 23-Jan-05 16:36:04

why do you have to do the things at all? - I really don't get this party bag thing

RTKangaMummy Sun 23-Jan-05 16:40:41

no i agree BD but it is peer pressure

Blackduck Sun 23-Jan-05 16:43:06

don't bow to it....Know it's easy to say, but I think the whole thing is totally wrong and just gives the wrong message to kids (as the marbles thread also shows...) - I don't expect another parent to give my child a 'gift' (which is in effect what it is) for turning up at a birthday party. If I go to dinner I take some wine, I don't expect the hostess to hand me a goodie bag at the end....

RTKangaMummy Sun 23-Jan-05 16:46:04

very good point about dinner party

Twiglett Sun 23-Jan-05 16:47:24

I did a wrapped up book at DS's 3rd birthday .. 10 for £9.99 from The Book People ..

I had got fed up of the escalating 'party bag war' .. and having to throw away a load of plastic crap after every birthday

Gobbledigook Sun 23-Jan-05 16:51:12

Twiglett, that's what I want to do for ds1's 4th party in April but I can't see 10 books for £9.99 on their website - can you help?!

RTKangaMummy Sun 23-Jan-05 17:03:55

that is why we thought of the tennis ball

because it only cost 33p and is a quality item IYKWIM

it also has lots of play value

Twiglett Sun 23-Jan-05 17:20:52

Gobble .. you need to go into Kids Books then into 0-5 section (I assume) and have a look through .. unfortunately they're out of stock on the 10 for £9.99 deal (but there will be more deals coming up very soon I am sure) but there are other deals that might make sense for you

how long have you got cos they keep bringing out more deals (its a standard one)


Posey Sun 23-Jan-05 19:23:57

Dd went to a party on Wednesday and she came home with a gorgeous wicker bird house to hang in the garden. Apparently they were being sold off very cheap in Woolies. Really good for all ages and both sexes, and a nice change from the usual.

Gobbledigook Sun 23-Jan-05 19:36:15

Thanks Twiglett - party isn't till beginning of April but was looking the other day while I thought about it! Otherwise I know I'll remember 2 days before and it'll be too late to order!!

golds Sun 23-Jan-05 19:42:33

Good idea about the tennis ball.

I usually go into ASDA and get there little note books at 9p each and buy a great big pack of felt tip pens and put about 5 in each, together with a few sweets.

The kids seem to like it as at least it is something they can play with rather than a plastic watch !

SPARKLER1 Sun 23-Jan-05 19:45:38

Don't do party bags. I do party cups. Buy cheap clear plastic cups, big boxes of penny sweets from Makro, cellophane and curling ribbon. Fill up cups with sweets, wrap with cellophane and tie up with curling ribbon. Very pretty to give kids at end of party and really simple. Sometimes I might buy the party bags for them to carry them home with a piece of birthday cake wrapped in serviette.

Gobbledigook Sun 23-Jan-05 19:46:40

Sparkler1 - I'm making a note of that idea too! Where do you get the cups from? Might do that for ds2's 3rd birthday in November.

SPARKLER1 Sun 23-Jan-05 19:48:17

You can buy them anywhere - just normal disposable drinking cups. Supermarkets or discount shops will sell them. I use clear ones as I think they look good to be able to see the sweets inside but you could always use patterned,theme ones.

SPARKLER1 Sun 23-Jan-05 19:49:09

I bought the cellophane from a florist wholesaler on our local industrial estate. Don't buy it from the florist themselves they charge a fortune for a small amount.

paolosgirl Sun 23-Jan-05 19:50:27

I buy multi packs of nice hair clips, seperate them, and give the girls one each in their bags. Who started this party bag nonsense anyway?

SPARKLER1 Sun 23-Jan-05 19:51:53

What's wrong Paolosgirl??????

SPARKLER1 Sun 23-Jan-05 19:55:16

marialuisa Mon 24-Jan-05 09:41:23

So did none of you have party bags as kids? I'm really surprised as they were the norm where I grew up.

Hulababy Mon 24-Jan-05 09:45:25

We had party bags as children too.

DD's birthday isn't until April, but I am collecting ideas from threads like this all the time. As she will only be 3 I am keen to avoid sweets, maybe a bt of cholcoate though. DD doesn't like sweets at all anyway - i end up eating them! - do many kiddies of this age?

Gobbledigook Mon 24-Jan-05 09:46:51

Hula - me too (collecting ideas I mean!)

Hmm, yes, mine don't really eat 'sweets' either, just the odd pack of chocolate buttons or smarties really (mine are 3.10 and 2.3).

Blackduck Mon 24-Jan-05 09:50:38

Yes we had them as kids BUT they consisted of a slice of the birthday cake, a bar of choc/packet of sweets and a ballon if you were lucky..
Thats fine just (- I still think the whoel thing is a bad idea), but my ds has come back with a book, a toy, and sweets....this I think is crazy - it wasn't HIS birthday...

LunarSea Mon 24-Jan-05 10:58:52

Last year we had kites from Tesco - I think they were originally 87p each, and then at the end of summer they had been reduced to half that, plus a punchball balloon (10 for £1 from Poundland) and a bottle of bubble mixture (8 for £1 from Poundland), a couple of pencils (20 for £1) and a few sweets. Total cost for 15 was under £1 each, and several people commented on what nice party bags they were.

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