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What are the average house prices in your area

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learningallthetime Sat 31-May-08 12:41:50

Would love to move so we can have a cheaper mortgage.

We live in south east and a mid terrace 3 bed, 1 bath is roughly £190,000.

Is that expensive or cheap comapred to where you live?

maidamess Sat 31-May-08 12:43:06

Where I live that would cost you...about £400,000 at least.

tiredemma Sat 31-May-08 12:44:39

North Birmingham

learningallthetime Sat 31-May-08 12:45:00

wow! [SHOCK] maidamess

Twiglett Sat 31-May-08 12:45:41

shockingly cheap

mid-terrace 3 bed around 450,000 - 600,000

LuckySalem Sat 31-May-08 12:46:13

£100k! They are mainly either semi or terraced. 3 beds.

ChasingSquirrels Sat 31-May-08 12:47:07

cambs - £250 probably

twinsetandpearls Sat 31-May-08 12:50:54

I would say about 120K

twinsetandpearls Sat 31-May-08 12:50:55

I would say about 120K

VictorianSqualor Sat 31-May-08 12:55:22

Depending on the estates here, between £180(really horrid run down estates)-£280(nicer estates built in the last 20years)
Bicester, Oxfordshire.

maidamess Sat 31-May-08 12:56:14

I'm in Kingston learning, where are you?

learningallthetime Sat 31-May-08 14:08:42

Reading maidamess

Nbg Sat 31-May-08 14:10:18

Where we are for a 3 bed semi you'd be looking at £200 at least.

North Yorkshire.

LazyLinePainterJane Sat 31-May-08 14:12:34

3 bed semi 180-200,000. East outskirts B'ham.

MarsLady Sat 31-May-08 14:14:53

You really don't want to know.

learningallthetime Sat 31-May-08 14:20:20

A 3 bed semi would cost around £230 - 250

twinsetandpearls Sat 31-May-08 14:36:56

semi would be about 130, ours is on for 136, but it is priced to sell.

learningallthetime Sat 31-May-08 14:38:21

I don't think your links working twinset

twinsetandpearls Sat 31-May-08 14:39:19

oura is 136,950

NickiSue Sat 31-May-08 14:39:41

Thirsk North Yorkshire, 3-bed semi £200-£220,000

learningallthetime Sat 31-May-08 14:41:23

I thought house prices were cheaper 'up north'!

twinsetandpearls Sat 31-May-08 14:42:10

Must be a posh bit of up north, we are having to make a leap of about 70K to move down south

hercules1 Sat 31-May-08 15:28:28

Average 3 bed is 400k. My friend is buying a cheap on teh main road although detached 4 bed house for 1/2 a million.

CarGirl Sat 31-May-08 15:33:30

maidamess are you talking about victorian/edwardian properties or ex-council tiny 3 bed terrace 1960's/70's??????

PeachyWontLieToYou Sat 31-May-08 15:34:36

that would be (OP) the price of a premium house in a village - much cheaper available

but average wage under £20k

south east wales

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