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Boring subject - term insurance - best provider?

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ks Mon 17-Jan-05 12:29:33

Message withdrawn

ks Mon 17-Jan-05 12:56:47

Message withdrawn

iota Mon 17-Jan-05 13:00:47

I used Lifesearch about 18 mths ago and they found me a policy with Legal and General.
I can't really advise re Customer Service as haven't had to make a claim

horseshoe Mon 17-Jan-05 16:25:54

I got fantastic life and critical insurance through the Churchill website. It wasn't actually them that called back but did the quote on there.... I have searched high and low for good cover...... The guy who phoned me was superb, a really nice guy. He gave me the cheapest quote I had. Plus they will write it in trust at no extra charge which means you can say who the beneficiaries are. Just as a basis for how cheap they were....I got it for 16 yrs, me 24 DH 29 both non-smokers.....Got seperate cover for £150,000 each .......£19 for me and £22 for DH. If you want more info cat me and I will give you a telephone number

amynnixmum Mon 17-Jan-05 16:27:42

Ours in done through Scottish Provident and the children get cover as part of our cover.

horseshoe Mon 17-Jan-05 16:37:09

Oh I forgot childrens cover too

milge Mon 17-Jan-05 16:49:51

I'd use lifesearch too - we did ours through them and it was hassle free. they will be able to tell you a market view on the providers incl. their claims record/proof required/customer service etc.

ks Mon 17-Jan-05 17:09:48

Message withdrawn

roisin Tue 18-Jan-05 13:35:59

Ks - there's nothing 'dodgy' about family income protection, you just need to think about what cover you would want, and what suits your needs best. For many families family income protection is a more appropriate product than term assurance. But if you think a lump sum is a preferable product for you, then go for it. (Obviously towards the end of the 'term' you would be getting a better deal from a term assurance than family income benefit.)

The main thing I would say is sit down first and think about what cover you would want ideally - either lump sum or periodic benefit, and also whether you think it would be worthwhile paying for waiver of premium benefit (sort of insurance for the insurance premiums iyswim). And also consider what your budget is.

If you know of an IFA you could go through them, or go direct. A good IFA will be perfectly willing to tell you what commission they will get for each product, then you can judge whether they are trying to sell you a particular product for their own benefit rather than yours.

Recently I've found Legal and General are offering good rates for life insurance ... but these rates do vary according to your individual circumstances. So the best way to get the best deal for you is to go through an IFA or similar, who will shop around on your behalf.


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