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Broadband Internet

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Gillian76 Sun 09-Jan-05 10:47:27

We're currently paying £25 a month with Telewest Blueyonder. Does anyone know of anything cheaper which doesn't require a BT line?

Gillian76 Sun 09-Jan-05 11:38:44

Anyone??? Please!

hoxtonchick Sun 09-Jan-05 11:40:20

we pay £25 a month for telewest too gillian76, but we're very pleased with it. very reliable, & they keep upgrading it so (i think) we have 1mb service now. doesn't answer your question though!

RTKangaMummy Sun 09-Jan-05 11:59:44

sorry can't help as need bt line here

but will bump for you

Surfermum Sun 09-Jan-05 14:43:48

NTL is about £18 a month.

edam Sun 09-Jan-05 15:08:37

<<thread crash>> Hoxtonchick, if you are still there, lunch would be nice, sorry, wasn't ignoring you, RL interrupted
Apologies for thread crash everyone else...

hoxtonchick Sun 09-Jan-05 21:13:29

hi edam, don't worry, i didn't even notice you hadn't replied! i'll e-mail you at work tomorrow & we can fix a date. xx

keren143 Mon 17-Jan-05 22:52:48

centrepoint is very very cheap. I think from 15 lb. I pay 20 lb for 1 MB i think
go to (if not, then google it)

janeybops Mon 17-Jan-05 22:58:27

I believe you can use aol with telewest, but have heard they are crap. Not sure of prices. We have the cheaper version of blueyonder. £17.99 a month and am pleased with it.

kid Mon 17-Jan-05 23:25:03

You can use AOL with telewest but only dial up. Tesco are cheap but are currently only available to BT customers. They will be offering it to others soon though. I think they cost £19.99 a month for broadband

cads Tue 18-Jan-05 20:28:16

Wanadoo packages start at £17.99. We have been using it for 5mnths and are pretty pleased with it.

lulupop Wed 19-Jan-05 13:39:27

think there is a lot of leeway for bargaining. we've been with BT broadband for 2 yrs paying £27.99 per month for 512mb connection.

I saw that TalkTalk who do our phone line were offering a 1Gig connection for about £20, so I called BT and said i wanted to cancel with them.

After being transferred several times, BT offered me what we already have for £20 per month. I said why would i do that when I can have atwice as fast connection for the same money from talktalk, so they offered me £18 a month, and finally £13 a month. Which I accepted.

So in the space of about 10 minutes I had saved myself £15 a month. Well worth ringing around to get different offers anf then playing them off against each other.

Gillian76 Wed 19-Jan-05 21:50:03

Thanks everyone. I have just been on the phone to Telewest and downgraded our 1MB (£25) service to 256KB (£18). Have to say I'm not noticing a difference, and it's a saving of £7 a month!

wordsmith Wed 19-Jan-05 21:52:58

I have the £25 Telewest service and think it's pretty good and reliable, although the customer service is crap. But I have heard BT is rubbish technically and the connection process is a nightmare....

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