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what happens if you just dont pay catalogue/credit card bills.

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kerryk Sun 27-Apr-08 15:31:17

a friend of mine has run up loads with next/littlewoods/capital one etc.

she owes a good few thousand but has stopped paying them as she can no longer afford it. i am worried sick for her incase she gets into real trouble.

she says she would rather not be in this position but there is nothing she can do about it and as we are in scotland she thinks that bailiffs cant come to your house to remove goods (no idea if this is right or not).

so what is likley to happen, could she end up in court?

LIZS Sun 27-Apr-08 15:35:32

They will write when she defaults and ask for the full amount unless she offers a reduced payment plan first, failing that take her to court to recover the debts. She really needs good advice on how to go forwards as it won't just go away and could have a long term effect. She neds to priritoese her debts as some (like Council Tax) are taken more seriously and dealt with more quickly.

kerryk Sun 27-Apr-08 15:38:01

def no council tax involved, she is in a army house like myself so rent and council tax are taken out of her dh's wage then the rest goes into the bank.

is the part about bailifs correct? that is my biggest worry for her, at least she would get some notice about going to court and not have someone banging on her door.

i know this is her own doing but i really think she seems depressed at the moment and this must be adding to it.

LIZS Sun 27-Apr-08 15:38:57

afaik they can't come until it has been to court.

BreevandercampLGJ Sun 27-Apr-08 15:40:14

Then if they can't get the money back, they will put up their prices for the ordinary man on the street to recoup their losses.angry

schneebly Sun 27-Apr-08 15:40:14

please refer here here they are a charity organisation who can help her - they dont take any fees and no loans involved but they will help her budget and wil negotiate with creditors on her behalf.

Nemoandthefishes Sun 27-Apr-08 15:41:15

She needs to contact them and arrange a repayment. They will take her to court and if it is cleared then they can send in baliffs if she has goods that can be removed, however they cant touch childrens items or used cltohes but everything else is a free for all.

kerryk Sun 27-Apr-08 15:42:40

does going to court happen quite quickly or do they try and get a collection agency involved first?

kerryk Sun 27-Apr-08 15:43:11

i am hoping that if i can let her know all the facts we may be able to sort something out.

mrspnut Sun 27-Apr-08 15:44:19

If her husband is in the army then the debts can affect his security clearances and might affect any job he can get afterwards.

LIZS Sun 27-Apr-08 15:46:53

They will write asking for the money and tell her if they will pass the debt on or would take her to court themselves . Best not to leave it that long though or any collection/court/bailiff fees will get added onto the debts.

hatrick Sun 27-Apr-08 15:48:47

Message withdrawn

LIZS Sun 27-Apr-08 15:53:43

Info here as to how to manage debt and the Scottish recovery system.

scaryteacher Mon 28-Apr-08 09:30:29

She needs to tell her husband, as when he is DVd he'll need to declare all debts, and if he doesn't he'll lose his clearance. Yes, they want details of wife's credit card bills, salary details etc as well.

If you are on a married patch inside a base, bailiffs may have problems gaining access, but otherwise they could turn up. If the bailiffs discover her dh is Army, they can inform the commanding officer and try to get the money back that way. She needs to 'fess up to her dh and get it sorted soonest, as this will impact on his career.

stumaggoo1 Sun 01-Jan-17 17:48:21

I was messing around on my phone and within 5 mins had 500 credit to spend on my son's Christmas ! I thought this was the answer to my prayers but I ordered 200 odd pounds worth of stuff that didn't arrive in time for Christmas so had to sell my beloved collection of BNIB adidas trainers to get what I've already ordered as this has left me REALLY angry and upset I've decided not to take collection of the stuff what's the worst that can happen if I don't pay ???? THANX

bimbobaggins Sun 01-Jan-17 19:25:00

stumaggoo1 , this thread is nearly 9 years old. If you start your own threat you will get helpful,up to date advice

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